Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You said you were reading 3 books? Well what's the scoop? Where's the dish? Why are we not seeing your thoughts? you might have wondered these same questions, then again maybe not. The point is I haven't read since lunch on MONDAY! MONDAY for Pete's sake.


Well after I got home on Monday late from work (had to work until 5:30 usually only work until 3:30) I started doing errands and finally got home around 6:30 started cooking and WHAM got a call from da boss asking me to come in Tuesday at 3 in the morning?!?
After a lot of cussing I realized I had to a) finish dinner, b) finish putting crap up and c) get to bed right now, hope I can sleep in order to get 6 hours in before waking up at 2.

Did I sleep NO. Anywho got to work and WHAM had a meeting during lunch. Was allowed to leave at 1 but had to be back at 5:30 to cover the second shifts meeting. Then I had to bake a friend of mine at work asked for mini brownies for her bday so POOF there went last night (and I'm no baker by and by) so wow its been almost 2 days since I've read anything. I did manage to finish up Total Money Makeover and will post a review either later today or tomorrow.

Other than that still working faithfully on the books when I can


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