Friday, March 20, 2009

This was an interesting book that a lady from work wanted me to read. (I think its b/c I am ready to start dating again or something) Anywho, Steve Harvey doesn't mess around when it comes to ladies and men. He lays it all out on a table letting a woman know that men do not think like us. What we think love is and how we show it is not what a man will do. In fact according to Harvey there are only 3 ways a man shows us love.
I won't go into specifics and I won't say this is the end all to be all but it was an okay quick read. I enjoyed seeing a guys perspective of relationship and it was brutally honest even when it wasn't necessary. Mr. Harvey must be doing something right with so many people listening to his pod cast and radio shows that discuss the same topics he's put in this book.
I would give it a B
I liked it but like I said I won't base everything I've learned over the years off of it.


100+ Book Challenge

27 / 100 words. 27% done!


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