Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So I'm reading Revenant

At someone's suggestion? Although whose I can't remember any more. If I was a betting woman I would go with Ames but then again it could've been the Book Binge or Dear Author. *shrug*
Anywho let me start off with... I am not a big mystery person/suspense. I will admit a good mystery is interesting I love to see how the authors do it. But its not my first choice. Which is why this book might take me some time. Unless it picks up quick I'm going to drop it and forget about it.

Let me see. So far we have a reporter who lost her daughter in a house fire, a DA who lost his whole family in accidents, and 5 bodies recently discovered from 1981. Now keep in mind this book takes place in 2005 so we have an older mystery. Plus it has just been discovered that four of the girls went missing at the same time in 1981 but whose the fifth and who committed the crime.

And that's where I'm at after 2 days of reading. These type of books don't allow a person to skim, or skip around which I am guilty of doing usually. So it is slow reading for me unless the suspense kicks up a notch. I will let you know tomorrow how lunch reading went today.


  1. ~ames~ said...
    I would love to take credit, but I can't in this case. LOL

    I did buy it on a rec from super librarian Wendy.

    And of course, I haven't read it yet.
    Sarai said...
    Well dang there went that theory LOL well crap I wonder who suggested it?

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