Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And time to do the end of the month recap. This month SUCKED so I didn't read much I blame getting cable and just being out and about with friends for the majority of the time. Anywho here's what I read in July:

1. The Unblessed King by Michelle Pillow re-read
2. The Farey Queen by Michelle Pillow 100+ Book Challenge, 2nd in a series Challenge
3. Stone Queen by Michelle Pillow 100+ Book Challenge
4. I Spy Something Bloody by Josh Lanyon 100+ Book Challenge, Ebook Challenge

Yeah that's about it so that brings my total for 100+ books up to 55

And if I could ever write my damn review of I Spy I would be finished with the Ebook challenge.

Then again I'm saving my reviews for this weekend LOL!