Friday, March 13, 2009

Harry, Harry, Harry why oh why do you torture me so? You allow the bad guys to beat you down at every turn. They kick your ass, they stomp on you, they force you into bargins and yet, and yet you manage at every turn to save the world.
Don't you know my poor heart can't take it any more. I can't stand to see you getting your butt kicked and I can't stand to watch your pain real or imaged. Oh Harry when oh when are you going to have something good happen to you for once? I'm dying here. Does anything go right for you?

Will the series end with your death or your redemption? Oh Harry how am I to survive 10 more books if book 5 hurts so much to read. *sigh* I guess this is something I will have to deal with I guess in order to figure out if you ever get your HEA...

Unless someone wants to let me know if the series picks up with Harry winning something a battle, or a woman or something?

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