Saturday, October 31, 2009

is the newest read I'm working on here at work. So far pretty good its about a new world where robots are attempting to become citizens with regular humans. Mac is the robot in question who is having troubles adjusting since he's so big and well just hard to work around.

Mac has just learned his neighbor whom he considers a friend is in the middle of something bad and doesn't know what to do. So he reacts and no one seems greatful except the psyhic child who gives him a picture. "It didn't even occure to me to scan the back. If I had maybe what happened wouldn't have happened. But I didn't and it did." pg 21

I'm betting that whatever happens is what triggers Mac into becoming a dective considering right now he's driving a Taxi for a living but we'll see.

Has anyone else read this book? Is it good?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Since I am way beyond a fangirl stance with Harry Dresdan and Jim Butcher I don't feel I can give a good review so in instances like this I have choosen to instead give you my favorite quotes through out the book. Enjoy!

Thomas shook his head. "I doubt it. Or Justine woudn't have chosen to meet us here." Unless she'd been forced to do so, I thought to myself. I didn't say anything. I like to stay cozy with my paranoia, not pass her around to my friends and family. pg 49

I love being a Wizard everyday is like Disneyland. pg. 391

"Not my...augh." I threw another pencil. It missed Bob and bounced off the wall behind him. "With the skinwalker. Is it actually a male? Do I call it a he?" Bob rolled his eyelights. "It's a semidivine imortal, Harry. It doesn't procreate. It has no need to recombine DNA. That means that gender simply doesn't apply. That's something only you meat sacks worry about." "Then why is it that you stare at naked girls every chance you get," I said, "but not naked men?" "It's an aesthetic choice," Bob said loftily. "As a gender, women exist on a plane far beyond men when it comes to artistic appreciation of their external beauty." "And they have boobs," I said. "And they have boobs!" Bob agreed with a leer. (can't find page but trust me its in there!)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh yes I did and guess which one it was... Turn Coat by Jim Butcher and yes it rocked and yes I need to post a review but I can't b/c I'm such a HUGE fan of Butcher's series that I need to buy all of his books but I really only want them in hardback which is a HUGE cost but I think it is worth it... Anyway as I was saying a review would be hard because I love this series so much I don't feel like I could do a review justice. I tend to just go on and on about how great it is and really I never see any flaws in it until I've re-read it a dozen times.

I think instead of doing reviews I should focus on my favorite lines. Why you ask? Well b/c with this series we are 11 deep and I really think it will be hard to review this book without giving away the series. A lot of what we read up to this point is very entwined with all the other books so to discuss what happened in this one would give away other books that you may or may not have read. Also this time Butcher did work on some of the past flaws that I hated or annoyed me like constantly referring to the Beetle and describing it in great detail. He didn't repeat or sum up the story line to this point which he shouldn't b/c we are on book 11 and there is no point to sum it up if we don't know where we are odds are we don't care enough to read the first books so why sum us up. We are the ones that have been here the whole time.

Although if you read the review you take that risk no matter what... Needless to say I'm torn do I think it is a good book YES do I think that you should read it YES do you need to read the books in order YES (and I might be alone on that point but I truly feel that in order to understand this series you should really read it in order) Is this a series to invest in YES.

Other than that I think this is by far my favore Dresdan book. LOL not sure if that helped.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm actually reading something that doesn't have policy or procedures in the freakin title! YEAH ME!

Okay what am I reading? Well currently I am working on Turn Coat by Jim Butcher and per usual he has started off with a bang! LOVE BUTCHER LOVE HARRY LOVE THEM BOTH. I will say this time he hasn't bothered with descriping the beattle or some of the other lovely things he describes too much. I think he has finally figured out that if you haven't read the series up to this point you deserve to be lost LOL.

Okay so only on Chapter 9 favorite line so far? Harry thinks Thomas' girlfriend might have set them up... Unless she'd been forced to do so, I thought to myself. I didn't say anything. I like to stay cozy with my paranoia, not pass her around to my friends and family

Love it typical Harry thought. Anywho has anyone else read this series? If so what has been your favorite book so far?
Mine White Knight although I'm going to say this one is quickly toping it.

PS If anyone finds hardback books in this series for a good price drop me an email please: sarajohnson101 at hotmail dot com