Thursday, July 31, 2008

So found this online and had to share. Now personally I'm a Twilight fan and New Moon Fan but that's it. I didn't care for Eclipse and more then likely will pass on Breaking Dawn
Anywho this cracked me up!:

Martha Brockenbrough Explains Why 'Twilight' Sucks
My 13-year-old cousin warned me: "The amounts of pain that can be inflicted on those who insult Edward are better left unspoken."
I'm going to brave that pain and say it anyway: Edward is a complete prig.
It's not just that he sneaks into Bella's room to watch her sleep -- that's more stalker than prissy, anyway. It's also not just that he drives a Volvo, the car of choice for priggish drivers who obsess about side airbag safety.
Nor is it that his skin sparkles like gems in the sunlight. However gag-worthy this might be, he can't help it if he has pores that Madonna, Nicole Kidman and other alabaster celebrities would envy.
For me, the last straw really is that he is more obsessed about wedding planning than any groom should be. That makes him a terrible role model for teen girls, who will grow up to face real-life mates who don't know the difference between cummerbunds and canap├ęs, and who will also make rude faces when asked for an opinion on either.
Seriously, though, there's a dark side to priggishness, and that's condescension. Bella and Edward aren't equals. Edward knows it -- he's stronger, his senses are sharper and he's nearly immortal. He constantly has to protect Bella. He even leaves her temporarily to do just that. Bella, meanwhile, settles for a lesser college so she can be with her boyfriend. Augh!
So what does that tell our teen girls to crave? A relationship with someone they worship, rather than someone they can work with through the various challenges of life?
However much I enjoyed the books -- and I read every one, twice -- that's my fundamental concern with them as a parent. Bella constantly needs rescuing and protection. Her vulnerability fuels her desirability, for it's not just a vampire who wants her. A werewolf does, too.
This is where it's worth making a comparison to "Harry Potter." Harry solved his own problems. When he needed rescuing, his friends -- who had complementary talents and courage-quotients -- came to his aid.
Bella doesn't really have friends, at least not among her peers. She hangs out with werewolves and vampires, any one of whom could eat (or drink) her for lunch.
She's as far from being a kick-ass heroine as she can get. She's clumsy and weak. Yes, she has her attractions. She's a devoted daughter who never complains about all the cooking she has to do for her hapless dad.
But girls would be much better off following in Hermione's footsteps. Now there was a girl who could cast a spell, throw a punch, and catch the eye of an international Quidditch star (only to lose interest because he wasn't intellectual enough).
I'm not arguing that every book needs to be the equivalent of a plate of nourishing, raw spinach. I like a cream puff as much as the next person, and possibly even more. We just need to make sure our daughters aren't thinking cream puffs are the best life has to offer. They're the stars of their own life story, and waiting for a handsome guy to bite their necks sounds to me like a tragedy in the making.

LOL I so agree pfft who needs Edward! Oh and for the record here's the website read the whole article it has a good pro section too!!!

I personally think my lunch breaks should be long enough for me to enjoy a WHOLE book. But I digress...
Alright this book has some really tough issues for young girls and boys to deal with and I respect Ms. Marr even more for presenting them in a way that makes us all (and I mean even us adults) step back and look hard at our lives. This young girl (Lesley) is a survivor. HARD CORE. She has been through hell and is still struggling to right her self. And I applaud her efforts.
I am at the part where the dark king is trying to finish the connection he has started with her through her tattoo. But Naill (who me thinks is suppose to be the hero) Anywho Naill wants her but fears his past and his power (something to do with touch. When he touches a mortal they begin to crave his touch and eventually die from lack of touch) So he holds back. However, now that the Dark King is after her Naill is fighting for her as well. Including fighting against his desire to have her.
This book is going good. VERY INTERESTING read and one I would HIGHLY suggest if you like YA (there will be no sex but Ms. Marr does almost everything but) Also this is a book I am suggesting to my teenage cousins.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ink Exchange

Which I keep calling Wicked Lovely and have no idea why. Anywho we are working on a YA book currently and so far its flowing well. I enjoyed Wicked Lovely enough to pick up the 2nd in the series and I have to admit I am enjoying this one a lot more. I like that the heroine is damaged from a hard life. Call me what ever you like ALL TEENAGERS do not live in a perfect world.
The heroine from the first book saw fairies evil and good (OHHH scary) her life did not suck nearly as bad as Lesley's does. So I am liking it. I also like that there is another triangle that I am sure will resolve itself (b/c God love Ms. Marr she understands that triangles are fun but there has to resolution to them rather quickly especially if teenagers are involved and I'm not going to get any sex out of it. Speaking of sex how come YA books never have sex in them? Don't people realize kids do the dirty deed often? Hell I got my sex ed from romance novels b/c YA books didn't exist.)

Well them let me move on. So far Les has gotten the outline for her tattoo and is already feeling the effects of it. She has the Dark Fairy King after her but doesnt' know it and a Summer Fairy after her but doesn't realize it as well. That's about it. So far you know as much as I do. *g*

Monday, July 28, 2008

Okay finished The Tin Star by J.L. Langley last night and I have to say for all the that's not possible OMG moments I had at the beginning I can see why its Jen's favorite. By the end I couldn't put it down and I am seriously suffering from that lack of sleep today. (Memo to Sarai not a good idea to read until 2 on a Sunday night when you know you will be tired anyway on Monday without the extra lack of sleep)

I really enjoy Ms. Langley's writing and I will be buying up her entire back list.

Let me see as far as plot there were no major SHOCK moments but I was very surprised at some of the action. In fact I love how Ms. Langley showed how hard it would be for a gay male to live "open" in the midwest/bible belt. She didn't go and make it all peaches and cream for the guys. She gave them the support group they needed and then let them have it from the small minded people they lived around.

I did enjoy it A LOT and highly recommend it to those who love a good M/M!

Alright started Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr (she also did Wicked Lovely which I enjoyed but wasn't too excited about it. You can read my review at good reads I think it was before I did reviews at the othersight) The reason I am giving it another go is her writing. I did enjoy the story I felt it was rushed at the end but I did enjoy it. So I thought this might be a nice breather from Mr. Perfect which I didn't enjoy AT ALL. (I am still debating if I should give Ms. Howard another shot I mean 2 out of 2 I didn't care for didn't hate them but didn't like them either. I'm up in the air.)

Okay I am only on the second chapter of Ink exchange so not much happening just a little set up going on. Will report tomorrow on how it goes (ended up balancing the check book for the remaining half of the lunch break and realized that was stupid b/c it just depress me.)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

So I am currently reading The Tin Star by J. L. Langley. I loved My Fair Captain and when this book came into my possession I was thrilled to no end. I mean what is sexier then gay cowboys?

So I am on page 90 and so far so good (Of course I have issues but come on name a book I haven't had issues with) Although with M/M I tend to not think about the issues as much as I do with any other type of book. Still not sure why that is?

Any who the plot: So far James (Jamie) Killian has come out to his family who happens to own a ranch where he is the foreman. The one job he has wanted since he was a kid. Okay so he came out and his father blew a gasket kicking him out with nothing. Before he could panic his older brother's best friend Ethan Whitehall gives him a call and tells him he can work for him as well as stay there.

As the story goes on we learn that Jamie's brother and sister are okay with him being gay. Ethan it turns out is gay but in the closet b/c he didn't want the reaction that Jamie rec'd. His father (and by his father i mean Jamie's) is an asshole in more than one way. Ethan is attracted to Jamie and now that he knows he's gay its on like snow? Don't ask.

So far lots of kissing and petting nothing heavy but I have a feeling I have just gotten to that part. Also on Jamie's first night two ranch hands dragged him out of his bunk in the dead of the night to kick his ass for being gay. (Bastards what kind of people do that. I get you don't respect it, or you don't like it but let it be. There is no reason for you get all high and mighty casting stones and beating people up for it.)

Alright off the soap box for now. That's as far as I have gotten. I really enjoy J.L's writting and even though I have a few minor issues (like the fact Ethan is gay but hasn't come out and yet no one has noticed???? in a small town) but its stupid small stuff that doesn't matter. In fact it is not distracting me at all which is a nice change of pace.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Okay thinking this book is a train wreck, you know what i mean (so bad you look away and yet you can't help but look back and stare wondering if your going to see anything) That's this book for me. I just don't get it AT ALL. If this was straight romance I would still be pulling my hair out. I get Sam is hot in fact he's the only reason I am still reading this book.

I'm on chapter 16 page 210 and nothing. ALL THIS BUILD up for nothing. A list its a freaking List over the perfect man WHO CARES I do that crap all the time (and yes before you ride my butt I am keeping in mind it's 2000 but still) Also the villain NOT so scary DON'T care. The main heroine who is Sam's next door neighbor is ballsy, brass, crude, and doesn't give a crap. But then after 1 (count it 1) kiss she's all boo hoo he didn't call me when he left town, Oh he must have a girl friend how can I be so stupid (HE'S A FREAKING COP UNDERCOVER DETECTIVE NO LESS get a clue he ain't going to call ya ALL THE TIME trust me I know I was married to one) Just b/c he didn't call who cares it was one KISS and dinner (ohhhhhhh) WTF Seriously grow up.

*deep breath* sorry about that but needless to say the heroine is rubbing wrong in all kinds of way. In fact the book is rubbing me wrong. I think it is the wrong genre to begin with (I don't usually read romantic suspense the few I do read suck me in ASAP) well I will give it one more day at lunch (Monday for those of you counting) if something doesn't happen I'm moving on to my first Suzanne Brockman (b/c so many people love her let's see if I can tear it to shreds too *sigh)
In case you can't tell I'm beyond frustrated.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Okay I didn't get to read as much as normal b/c I didn't take a lunch break. I will announce why that is some other time. Right now what is important is the fact that Sam D. is hawt and not just a little hot but he's starting to grow on me and I HATE cops and detectives as heroes (personal thing) but I do enjoy him.

I have gone through the car washing scene and the reporters and I am beginning to wonder if anything is EVER going to happen in this book. Is it suspense or romance. If it is just romance then I am one happy girl b/c I like the intereactions. However, if it is suppose to be suspense I ain't feeling it. AT ALL. I got nothing. Is it ever going to happen? So far a phone call that even I would have blown off with a roll of my eyes and moved on.

Not scary folks. So someone tell me is this a ROMANCE or a SUSPENSE? So that I can approach it with a more open mind.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mr. Perfect.

Cue scary music b/c me thinks this one is suppose to be scary. I will say one thing for Ms. Howard she has set up the hero and heroine and I even know who the villain is but DANG man there is no action at all. And I'm like almost half way through.
The plot so far: 4 friends have gotten together like girl friends do and started making a list of what the perfect man would have. And well one thing led to another and the list blew up and got loose. Now it's spreading like wildfire through the office and even the news. (why the news would care I have no idea you would think there was something else going on in the city to concern yourself with other than the Mr. Perfect list but there you go.)
We also know the heroine has been engaged 3 times and fell short. The hero is a cop she has mistaken for a drunk and looks good naked when he walks around his house early in the morning naked. (why would he do that I don't know very many men who own their own house without the wife and kids but the few I do know that are single don't hang out naked? And I'm guessing he what 10 inches b/c that's what they put on their list *rolls eyes* funny or not that's stupid IMHO) Oh and she is aroused by it, so that's about where I'm at. That and she did something stupid by attacking a drunk man beating up her neighbor because no one else would for some reason this had no point to it and made me angry other then to show me the heroine is going to rush into a situation she knows she won't win without thinking and pull a TSTL moment later on (You watch I'm betting its going to happen and YOU will hear about how I hate those moments. But for now I'm trying to keep an open mind maybe this was to show something else and I missed it?)

Now contray to what I have written (it may appear that I am not enjoying the book) Actually its just the opposite b/c Ms. Howard has a way about her writing even when the story was bad (raintree: inferno) I still enjoyed reading it. So I am enjoying the book I just wish it didn't have this huge build up. I mean I'm almost at the half way mark and Nada.... (okay whoops that's a damn lie b/c I'm on page 92) Either way something needs to happen soon b/c I am starting to get bored whens the bad guy going to make an appearence? When's someone going to bite the dust or get a scary note or something for Pete's sake

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Breathe a sigh of relief because I finished a book!!!! WHOOT! Okay finished Hidden over lunch and I have to say Ms. Kenin has moved up to my auto buy list. I am digging this series but especially I am digging her writing style. So much so that I went out and bought her historical romances under Eve Silver. Whoot you heard me right.
Okay back to Hidden. It wrapped up nicely I thought she did a good job with the whole I love you bit. In fact I really, really, really love Tristian's whole line of you tell me when your ready and I will still love you.

I felt the ending was rushed after all the build up (don't get me wrong I enjoyed it but it still felt rushed) The epilogue was a nice touch but leads me to believe the next book all 3 siblings will be together if there is a next book (there is isn't there?) I hope there is b/c I want to see the last sister get her HEA. I think she might already have it based on book 1 but I would like to know for certain.
Other than that this is an excellent series. I think anyone who likes futuristic novels should seriously consider this author. (no offical review this wasn't in the TBR pile. It was one I just had to read)
Now on to Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Almost done

Okay I'm almost done with Hidden (I mean seriously like 20 pages left and isn't that always the case when you read at work. You get right to the end and the OMG action then WHAM lunch break over. Happens all the time to me)

Alright where are we um Ana has figured out that SPOLIER highlight if you wish to see what I am talking about. Tristan is the bad guy she has been looking for but doesn't know what to do with that knowledge. B/c he was bad and worked with Ward but at the same time he isn't bad b/c once he realized what Ward was upto he tried to get out.

SO they team up. Why? b/c Ward has trapped them all in side in hopes that only Ana would survive.

I thought at first it was b/c Ward is obessed with her like the sicko was in the other book but no it's b/c he likes to cut on her. (he's gross and very sick really a great villian pure evil with no qualms about it. Wait did I spell that right?)

Oh and Ana and Tristan have had sex in a hot spring no less (speaking of hot springs what's up with me reading two books in a row with the sex scene in a spring am I missing out on why this is so pleasurable?) Okay like I said I am about 20 pages from the end so will finish over lunch tomorrow and start on the next one. Thinking Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard.... Don't know though b/c it is a library book I will have to read it soon...

Oh as far as reviews are concerned I will try to post them sometime soon *fingers crossed*

Sunday, July 20, 2008

So I finally decided to dig into an ebook I won over and Lisabea's site because hey its M/M and I was itching for a new one.

So I picked Josh Lanyon's Dangerous Ground. So far so good only on page 16 so not a lot going on. I am getting confused and this is just something I get confused with when it comes to M/M. Keeping them straight (not literally of course) but it revolves around Will and Taylor and well I can't remember who is who. Granted only on page 16 so that will more then likely change as I read on.

I'm hoping to finish this tonight since its a short one only 109 pages if I do I will post my review tomorrow! If not well I'll post it when I finish. Still need to write the review for GG by Sinclair and I hope to finish Hidden tomorrow at lunch.

Anywho so far going good just need to keep the menz seperated.


So I have a new phrase thanks to Josh: WTF literally WTF... That's all I'm saying. and another favorite phrase: although they were probably alarming the hell out of the local wildlife. Hee that one cracks me up! Gawd I love M/M sex scenes just the thought of 2 alpha males trying to figure out whose bottom is enough to having me gasping trying to breathe and then the reaction from the alpha that is bottom priceless...

Okay another line "Words every man dreaded hearing - even coming from another man" Seriously women dread it too but We need to talk never ends in a good way for the listener have you noticed that?

Another thing why is it men can't talk about their feelings huh? I mean what is it in our society that makes men think "Sharing my feelings equals bad?" the whole problem between Will and Taylor would have been solved if they could open up. (then again it wouldn't have been a book if that happened but still)

Alright I'm on page 70ish and the action has kicked up a notch favorite line so far: He struggled against the hysterical giggles threatening to burst out of his throat. It wasn't that funny, for Christ's sake, and he was still in a hell of a lot of trouble.

Okay new phrase busybody bitch LOL OMG that's funny

I really, really, really like Taylor he is funny and very Taylor (IDK? work with it)

Okay finally thoughts I think it was cute short story with action and romance. I like how the guys were guys not all girly. They acted like real men you would meet everyday. I enjoy how they were both openly gay (to a point) so it wasn't one telling the other he was although that story line is fun too~

I did enjoy it and highly recommend to people who like M/M romance!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

***As always my personal comments are in Green b/c it's my favorite color and because it makes the reviews pretty!***

So I started Hidden last weekend while I was on the little vaca. I started it but kept getting interrupted with things like: eating, shopping (which I couldn't afford), and sleeping. But now that all that crap is out of the way I'm back to reading YEAH!!!!

So I picked up Hidden again and I missed it. Yeah you heard me right I missed reading about Tristian and Tatiana. Quick plot summary or at least where I am out in the plot. Tatiana (from here on out referred to as Ana simply b/c I hate when the hero and heroine have the same first letter in their names) is looking for a Gavin Ward from what I can gather he did some research on her while Ducan Baine (villain from last book) was a live. She is trying to figure out where he is so she can kill him. However, along the way she runs into Tristian (by and by LOVE that name) who is mysterious. We (the readers) have just discovered that Tristian is A LOT older then he appears and is a scientist that may have invented a new virus that is BAD

Okay so Tristian is under the impression that Ana has been infected with the virus and is taking her to his lair (I don't mean in an evil way but a totally gross, underground, dripping pipes way) There she discovers Reavers (which of course made me think of the Reavers from Joss Wheaton's Firefly/Serenity stuff so everytime their mentioned I think of them pierced, scarred and of course UGLY) so there you go. That's as far as I've gotten. I do believe that Ana is putting the pieces together but not nearly fast enough for me.

Oh and Tristian and Ana have kissed it was nice... very innocent and yet full of sexual tension. So there you are I am on page 158 and definately pushing forward...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just finished

So I just finished Gabriel's Ghost by Linnea Sinclair and WOW what a rush. I love it! So glad he didn't have
OMG that concerned me for a bit. The ending was a not stop thrill ride with action, betrayal, love, HEA, and of course lasers. I really enjoyed it. My thoughts are scattered right now b/c as I said I JUST finshed but so far Sullivan has moved high up on my hero list. I know there is a second one that was just released Shades of Dark? I believe. Is it about Chaz and Sully or do we get another characters viewpoint. Also does Ren ever find love or since he is a monk basically he's out of luck?
I'll post an official review later on this week or month. Right now though I have to say that the whole wife thing cracked me up. Oh to have 2 men wanting you that bad that they are willing to fight for you. And then both of them call you wife even though ones an ex and one's Sully. OMG I want a Ren? Do you think I could pick one up?

Is the 6 finger thing important or a genic error. I mean does the 6 fingers help them out? If not then why was it so important? I mean its not like he didn't stand out on his own or anything... blue hair, gills and pale skin... Anyway if you know the answer help me out. I'm dying to figure it out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Alright new blog YET again. This time this one is only for Reading and Reviewing NOTHING writing related!

So here we go!

Currently reading: Gabriel's Ghost by Linnea Sinclair

Synopsis according to Goodreads:
Award-winning author Linnea Sinclair brings her special sizzle to science fiction with this action-packed blend of otherworldly adventure and sexy stellar romance.…After a decade of piloting interstellar patrol ships, former captain Chasidah Bergren, onetime pride of the Sixth Fleet, finds herself court-martialed for a crime she didn’t commit–and shipped off to a remote prison planet from which no one ever escapes. But when she kills a brutal guard in an act of self-defense, someone even more dangerous emerges from the shadows.Gabriel Sullivan–alpha mercenary, smuggler, and rogue–is supposed to be dead. Yet now this seductive ghost from Chaz’s past is offering her a ticket to freedom–for a price. Someone in the Empire is secretly breeding jukors: vicious and uncontrollable killing machines that have long been outlawed. Gabriel needs Chaz to help him stop the practice before it decimates Imperial space. The mission means putting their lives on the line–but the tensions that heat up between them may be the riskiest part of all

Thoughts so far:

I'm digging it. At first it was hard to get into. I love fantasy and romance but Sci/Fi is hard to read with all the technical stuff and new languages then you add in the new creatures and species and sometimes I get lost. But not Ms. Sinclair she does an excellent job at sucking you into her world that makes you feel as if you have been there all along.

Chaz is a heroine I am digging I like that she can take care of herself, she has some flaws but who doesn't and she is accepting (she might be slow at it but when the facts are there she takes it in, thinks on it and makes her decision.) A girl after my own heart.

As far as Sully I am starting to understand him better. At first I thought he was this cocky ego guy who was after the chase (yes I know its romance which equals HEA) but there you go. Now his secrets are being unraveled and I find that I like him more and more. And WOW there are some hot scenes. Whew!

Read in 2008

1. Fool Moon by Jim Butcher
2. Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian
3. Lady of Light and Shadow by C L Wilson
4. Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin
5. The Hazards of Hunting a Duke by Julia London
6. 45 Master Characters: Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt

7. The Down Home Zombie Blues by Lianne Sinclair
8. Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon
9. Emtion Structure: Creating a story beneath the plot by Peter Dunne
10. Midnight Alley: Morganville Vamps book 3 by Rachel Caine
11. Beg for Mercy by Toni Andrews
12. A Caress of Twilight by Laurell K. Hamilton
13. Netherwood by Michelle Lang
14. Wired by Liz Maverick
15. The Warlord's Mistress by Julie London
16. River by Skyla Dawn Cameron (Christine your daughter might really enjoy this!!!)

17. Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Graphic Novel
18. Night Embrace by Sherrilyn Kenyon
19. Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon
20. Inner Drives: How to write and create characters... by Pamela Jayne Smith
21. Your Novel Proposal: From creation to Contract by Blythe Camenson
22. On Writing by Stephen King
23. Passionate Ink by Angela Knight
24. Forensic and Fiction by DP Lyle
25. Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference by Terry Brooks
26. The Romance Writer's Handbook by Rebecca Vineyard
27. Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank
28. Black Magic Woman by Justin Gustainis
29. Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh
30. Nauti Nights by Lora Leigh
31. Grave Peril by Jim Butcher
32. Drive by Eve Kenin
33. Your First Novel by Ann Rittenberg
34. Writing and Selling your mystery novel by Hallie Ephron
***35. Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews***
36. Naked in Death by JD Robb
37. Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh
***38. Cinematic Royalty by Isabelle Santigo***

39. Glory in Death by JD Robb
40. The Defiant Mistress by Claire Thornton
41. Fatal Shadow by Josh Lanyon
42. Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino
43. Resenting the Hero by Moira Moore
44. Magic Lost, Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin
45. Kiss of Crimson by Lara Adrian
46. Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris
47. Millennium Snow Vol. 1 by Bisco Hatori
48. Millennium Snow Vol. 2 by Bisco Hatori
49. The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly
50. Raintree: Inferno by Linda Howard
51. Desperately Seeking a Duke by Celeste Bradley

52. Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase
53. Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas
54. Demon Angel by Meljean Brook
55. Kiss of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
56. The Duke Next Door by Celeste Bradley
57. Blood Alone Vol. 1 by Masayuki Takano
58. Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas
59. My Fair Captain by J L Langley
60. Dangerous Games by Lora Leigh
***61. City of Secrets by KATIE REUS***

62. Immortal in Death by JD Robb
63. Raintree: Haunted by Linda Winstead Jones
64. Heaven Sent by Jet Mykles
65 The Duke of Shadow by Meredith Duran
66. Heaven Sent Vol. 2 by Jet Mykles
67. The Courage To Love by Samantha Kane
68. The Last Hellion by Loretta Chase
69. Heaven Sent: Genesis by Jet Mykles
70. A Dangerous Thing by Josh Lanyon
71. Vampire Knight Vol. 2 by Matsuri Hino
72. On the Prowl anthology ONLY PATRICIA BRIGGS
73. Encyclopedia of the Undead by Bob Curran
74. Tech Support by Jet Mykles
75. The World Without us by Alan Weisman
76. The Hell You Say by Josh Lanyon

77. Dark Thirst by Sara Reinke
78. Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh
79. The Temple Dancer by John Speed
80. Duke Most Wanted by Celeste Bradley
81. Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon
82. Gabriel's Ghost by Linnea Sinclair
83. Dangerous Ground by Josh Lanyon
84. Ever by Gasil Carson Levine
85. Hidden by Eve Kenin
86. The Tin Star by J. L. Langley
87. Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard

88. Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr
89. Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning
90. Oh George by Christiane France
91. Dark Elves by Jet Mykles
92. Scandalous Again by Christina Dodd

93. I am Legend by Richard Matheson
94. Low Red Moon by Caitlin Kiernan

95. Hex Appeal by Linda Wisdom
96. One Kiss From You by Christina Dodd
97. Sword of Darkness by Kinley MacGregor

98. The Lady Flees Her Lord by Michele Ann Young
99. Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir