Friday, March 20, 2009

Revenant and thoughts

So Revenant has picked up just a little, and by just a little I mean literally just a little. I can't for the love of God figure out why I won't put it down. The writing style is clean and crisp so that might be it, that or the author has figured out my weakness.

What is that you ask? Watching a messed up person get their life back together and that's exactly what's happening with Carson our heroine. I also can't figure out if this is a straight mystery or a love story. Will she get a HEA or will she get the sort of HEA you know the one that she could have an HEA in like 3 or 5 books down the road.

But now that I've said all that I don't think this is a HEA type of book. Seriously at this point i just want to figure out who did it. See if she will tell her sister that her husband is cheating and see which man she goes for. That's it. Seeing how I'm on Chapter 24 I think I might actually get all of the above soon. I hope


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