Thursday, November 27, 2008

I picked up a new book out of the TBR pile! (And you go crazy b/c you've been dying to see what I am reading and praying it isn't boring LOL)

This one may be considered boring by your standards too (although I have no idea what standards you have set coming to this blog or why but work with me) However, I happen to find it interesting. Okay so what is the book and what is it about right?

The book: Heart of Light by Sarah A Hoyt

Book blurb: On a luxury magic carpetship in 1889, an English couple travel to Cairo for their honeymoon. Except for a brush with a dragon, the voyage is uneventful. But for Nigel Oldhall and his beautiful Indian-born bride, Emily, the holiday hides another purpose. Within hours of arriving in th teeming city, they are plunged into an extraordinary struggle among demons, murderers and magic.

In Cairo, Nigel can no longer hide his secret from his wife: he is on a mission to rescue a ruby that will ensure Queen Victoria's hold on Africa forever. The search has already swallowed up Nigel's older brother - and now it has put his own Emily in mortal dnager. But is she the innocent Nigel imagines? Soon the two set off for the heart of the continent among conspirators and traitors - all seeking the ruby and the gifts and curses it offers them... and all of humankind

Interesting no?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Of reading non fiction or historical fiction books. Which means for you dear readers of this blog BORING reviews/recaps. However, I find that every once in a while it is nice to just take a break from the paranormal, urban fantasy and of course basic romance to get a hot dose of reality. Or as I like to call a purple prose and some food for thought!

Yesterday in my sick bed I managed to finish Allison Weir's book Innocent Traitor some of you might have figured it out but I LOVE that woman. Anywho I posted some thoughts on it over at Go check it out.

Now I find that I am dying to read something a tad different than what I normally post about. So until I can figure out how to read 2 books at once this blog might be silent for a while. Or not depends on how this non-fiction book goes. If its really good I might just have to share the love.

So what are you guys reading right now?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Because I am totally loving her. She is an excellent writer and really knows how to suck a reader like me (with a busy schedule in) so bad that I forget appointments. Man I love this woman! Okay so far we are a little further along. The King has died and his son being only 9 is unable to take over the throne. However, that doesn't stop all the plotting going on to get him to marry our Lady Jane Grey. And I must say for the record her mother was a horrible, horrible person. I just don't understand how a woman can be that retched to her own child.

I know it happens but dang reading her perspective is down right uncomfortable (which is why I say again Ms. Weir is an EXCELLENT writer) If you can make me feel uneasy about reading a POV from a person then you are doing a great job.

One thing I really like about this book is: the POV's are all from the women's perspective. They are told how they are the weaker sex and yet we see how they think, scheme and work to make their lives better anyway they can. I really enjoy reading how Lady Jane who is 9 see something different then the Queen who sees it differently then Lady Jane's mother, and the maid. It is a wonderful thing she has done and the odd part I don't even know how she does it. It's like having 6 different women telling me something and it flows seamless through the story!

Anyway I will let you know more as it progresses

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have found on a 30 minute lunch one can only read about 25 pages. Especially if those pages are so involved with different characters POVs and filled with history facts or not. So I think I am doing good. The book is really interesting and I am loving Allison Weir's style just love her writing.
Anyone who can get me to sit down and read a history book and close it with a sigh of understand is a hella good writer.

But that's beside the point. Right now I am at the part where Lady Jane Grey has just turned 7 and her parents are trying to make her the next queen of England. They are wanting her to marry King Henry's son Edward. Throughout the book they have pushed, punished and forced this little child to become a grown woman and made her understand that she is not loved. Her only job and only way to earn her parents love is to be a) a boy which didn't happen and b) the next queen (although she doesn't know it yet)

Now Jane has just met the last wife of King Henry who has decided to take the young child under her wing. The queen has noticed how little amount of love Jane has rec'd and is very put out. Alright you are caught up with me LOL I can't wait to see how Jane progresses (In real life Edward dies soon but I am wondering if Ms. Weir will keep him alive for the story sake or not? After all this is her first fiction book)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir. The reason I picked this book is simple I love the Tudor time period and I have read all the historical non-fiction Ms. Weir has written on British History and I love her style of writing. So when I discovered that she was publishing a fiction book on the Lady Jane Grey I begged and pleaded with my mom for a copy and POOF I rec'd it last year. However, I just now am getting around to reading it.

So far I'm on page 21 it is jumping around from 3 different women and I am sure by the time it is done we will see more. It is flowing well and i am enjoying it. It is first person past tense of Jane's mother, the Queen (who has died so she won't be in it any longer) and Jane's nurse.

I will keep you up dated

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TITLE: The Lady Flees her Lord
AUTHOR: Michele Ann Young

TYPE: historical romance
PAGES: 401

SERIES: not that I am aware of

REASON FOR READING: Sourcebook contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing this fabulous book and I said YES

SUMMARY: [from Back of Book ]
She’s desperate for peace and safety… Lucinda, Lady Denbigh is running from a husband who physically and emotionally abuses her b/c she is unfashionably plump and has failed to produce an heir. Posing as a widow, she seeks refuge in the quiet countryside…
He’s returned from the wars, wounded and tormented…Lord Hugo Wanstead, with a wound that won’t heal and his mother’s and Spanish wife’s deaths on his conscience, finds his estate impoverished, his sleep torn by nightmares, and brandy his nly solace. When he meets Lucinda, he finds her beautiful – body and soul – and thinks she just might give him something to live for

I liked this story I really did. I had like 2 issues throughout the entire book but all and all I enjoyed the characters. Lucinda was a sweetheart who put up with a lot. The abuse in the story appeared to be more emotional and verbal then anything else. To me that is the hardest abuse to escape. Even after you have left the person the words are still there as are the wounds. The same was true for Lucinda. She couldn’t believe any man would be interested in her for anything other than her money, which as a widow she doesn’t have a lot of.
Hugo on the other hand is your typical wounded hero from a war. He is both mentally wounded and physically and turns to the only thing that eases both brandy.

Okay the plot: Lucinda flees her husband who is abusive when she finds out he wants to take her to a party and pass her around to the male guest for money. In her attempt to flee she takes only a little bit of money and winds up with an orphan (I’m not going to give away how b/c I thought it was a cute historical bit) Anyway she ends up on Hugo’s estate renting his cottage. When Hugo returns he almost runs over the orphan and that’s how they meet.

The plot continues from there she doesn’t think he could ever like someone like her. While he doesn’t want to like her b/c the last woman he did was killed and he blames himself. Needless to say they do get their HEA.

I enjoyed Ms. Young’s writing. It flowed well and sucked me in from page one. I fell in love with Lucinda and found myself wanting her HEA. Hugo was a little tougher for me to like but it came together when he started working on improving his life. The ending was enjoyable it had a twist I wasn’t expecting but it worked.

Things I didn’t like: I didn’t like that Lucinda had the affair with Hugo while she was married (keep in mind this is a personal issue with me.) If you are married even to a scumbag you shouldn’t cheat. Get divorced (which was a lot harder back then I get it) or do something but cheating and lying to the man you love about a story that isn’t true doesn’t ring real to me. Not to mention that all is forgiven that easily.

Would I recommend this book? Yes I would I thought it was a sweet historical read

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? She was new to me but I look forward to reading some of her other books

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Keeping I think I will re-read it again
Did you enjoy the book? yes
SCORE: 7 out of 10