Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blood Angel

What it is and what it isn't?

Okay what it is so far a lot of people that are involved in a huge plot. What I gather is Asha is returning to our world in order to gather an army that will destroy humans and allow members of hell to come up. How she is doing this? Well she has gathered together a musician addicted to heroine and made him come clean to make music. B/c the music is so good she is attracting a lot of people to come out in the middle of the desert. The purpose: Attract the army to her and have the boy (who is the key to hell) show up to do something.

The catch: Jess an artist that sees the boy and paints him. She is the way he can be saved but she has no idea how. Except a mysterious guy name Kia is trying to show her how without allowing his personal feelings to interfer with the goal. Saving mankind.

Whew. That's all I've got. Update to follow and I'm on page 86 slow read due to complex plot so whoops!


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