Friday, March 27, 2009

Blood Angel Re-Read Review

TITLE: Blood Angel
AUTHOR: Justine Musk
TYPE: Urban Fantasy
PAGES; 352
SERIES: You know I don’t know.

REASON FOR READING: This was a re-read for me.

Summary : {From Goodreads}
In downtown Manhattan, a rising young painter is haunted by disturbing dreams...In small-town Minnesota, a teenage orphan struggles with a knowledge beyond his years-and a destiny he wants no part of...In California, young and old, hipsters and hippies, fall under the spell of a wildly charismatic singer whose voice breaks down all barriers-including the ones between heaven and hell.

The fans of Asha are finding one other-and the world is running out of time

So first time I read this I gave it 5 stars or 9 out of 10. However, on my re-read I discovered that for some reason this book just wasn’t doing it for me. I couldn’t get past the switching POV’s the constant going back and forth. Jumping around from flashbacks to present. And really comprehending what in the world was going on.

This is a complicated book that is really interweaved quite well. Ms. Musk is an excellent writer and if I had been in the mood for a complicated story this would have been perfect. However since I wasn’t in the mood for it I found myself dreading the re-read part. The characters are well drawn out and fully fleshed out. You find yourself actually feeling sorry for the demon and taking her side. Even though if it was real you would be the enemy. LOL

IDK this book was a complicated story and I wish I had stayed with it. No I haven’t given it up and hopefully I will give it one more go before I do. Then again there are a lot of good books out there screaming for my attention.

SCORE: 4 out of 10


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