Thursday, July 31, 2008

Twilight thoughts

So found this online and had to share. Now personally I'm a Twilight fan and New Moon Fan but that's it. I didn't care for Eclipse and more then likely will pass on Breaking Dawn
Anywho this cracked me up!:

Martha Brockenbrough Explains Why 'Twilight' Sucks
My 13-year-old cousin warned me: "The amounts of pain that can be inflicted on those who insult Edward are better left unspoken."
I'm going to brave that pain and say it anyway: Edward is a complete prig.
It's not just that he sneaks into Bella's room to watch her sleep -- that's more stalker than prissy, anyway. It's also not just that he drives a Volvo, the car of choice for priggish drivers who obsess about side airbag safety.
Nor is it that his skin sparkles like gems in the sunlight. However gag-worthy this might be, he can't help it if he has pores that Madonna, Nicole Kidman and other alabaster celebrities would envy.
For me, the last straw really is that he is more obsessed about wedding planning than any groom should be. That makes him a terrible role model for teen girls, who will grow up to face real-life mates who don't know the difference between cummerbunds and canap├ęs, and who will also make rude faces when asked for an opinion on either.
Seriously, though, there's a dark side to priggishness, and that's condescension. Bella and Edward aren't equals. Edward knows it -- he's stronger, his senses are sharper and he's nearly immortal. He constantly has to protect Bella. He even leaves her temporarily to do just that. Bella, meanwhile, settles for a lesser college so she can be with her boyfriend. Augh!
So what does that tell our teen girls to crave? A relationship with someone they worship, rather than someone they can work with through the various challenges of life?
However much I enjoyed the books -- and I read every one, twice -- that's my fundamental concern with them as a parent. Bella constantly needs rescuing and protection. Her vulnerability fuels her desirability, for it's not just a vampire who wants her. A werewolf does, too.
This is where it's worth making a comparison to "Harry Potter." Harry solved his own problems. When he needed rescuing, his friends -- who had complementary talents and courage-quotients -- came to his aid.
Bella doesn't really have friends, at least not among her peers. She hangs out with werewolves and vampires, any one of whom could eat (or drink) her for lunch.
She's as far from being a kick-ass heroine as she can get. She's clumsy and weak. Yes, she has her attractions. She's a devoted daughter who never complains about all the cooking she has to do for her hapless dad.
But girls would be much better off following in Hermione's footsteps. Now there was a girl who could cast a spell, throw a punch, and catch the eye of an international Quidditch star (only to lose interest because he wasn't intellectual enough).
I'm not arguing that every book needs to be the equivalent of a plate of nourishing, raw spinach. I like a cream puff as much as the next person, and possibly even more. We just need to make sure our daughters aren't thinking cream puffs are the best life has to offer. They're the stars of their own life story, and waiting for a handsome guy to bite their necks sounds to me like a tragedy in the making.

LOL I so agree pfft who needs Edward! Oh and for the record here's the website read the whole article it has a good pro section too!!!


  1. sayuri60 said...

    I agree.

    I run the kids section in my Shop and I am dreading Monday (which is release day in the UK.) We are made to have all these crappy events for this crappy book. And it will sell regardless.

    I'm such a Bah-humbug when it comes to this series. I couldn't even finish Twilight and that is rare for me!
    Sarai said...
    Well I finished Twilight when it first came out b/c I was working at the local book store and was able to snag a copy.
    Then a year later I read New Moon (the year between might be why I got through it)
    But this last one I couldn't even finish it was horrible so whinny and Bella is so angst filled with the poor me all I want is Edward... Dude your like all of 17 trust me there is more to life than a dead guy. I promise

    LOL That sucks for you! Good luck *g*
    sayuri60 said...
    Yeah, a dead guy she can't even kiss in case he kills her? Pfft! I don't know about you but at 17 I was HORNY. No way I would have put up with that.


    The worst thing is that it's my first day back after two weeks holiday so it's just going to be mental! *sigh*
    J. Kaye Oldner said...
    I agree. That third one could have used a little more editing.
    Sarai said...
    Editing and of course less teenagers J Kaye

    Sayuri how the hell did you manage a 2 week vaca? (Holiday)
    Brie said...
    I still haven't read Twilight. So many people keep telling me I should but I think that I have already written the book off as being something I won't like and that's keeping me from taking the plunge. I just don't want to read about a girl making stupid mistakes and wanting to die just so that she could be with a guy.
    sayuri60 said...

    In the UK it's law. Everyone has to get 4 weeks paid vaction a year. I just took some of my holiday time due.
    Sarai said...
    Brie: I liked it I'll admit it but after a while it just got old the whole I MUST BE WITH EDWARD!! Obessed I think *g* and I should know b/c I suffer from obession of certain menz *cough jensen cough*

    Sayuri OMG That rocks that's it I'm moving to the UK
    JenB said...
    I think the Twilight movie looks CREEPY.

    I don't like cold, dead, pasty vampires. I like 'em big and warm blooded. Yummmm.

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