Monday, July 28, 2008

Okay finished The Tin Star by J.L. Langley last night and I have to say for all the that's not possible OMG moments I had at the beginning I can see why its Jen's favorite. By the end I couldn't put it down and I am seriously suffering from that lack of sleep today. (Memo to Sarai not a good idea to read until 2 on a Sunday night when you know you will be tired anyway on Monday without the extra lack of sleep)

I really enjoy Ms. Langley's writing and I will be buying up her entire back list.

Let me see as far as plot there were no major SHOCK moments but I was very surprised at some of the action. In fact I love how Ms. Langley showed how hard it would be for a gay male to live "open" in the midwest/bible belt. She didn't go and make it all peaches and cream for the guys. She gave them the support group they needed and then let them have it from the small minded people they lived around.

I did enjoy it A LOT and highly recommend it to those who love a good M/M!

Alright started Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr (she also did Wicked Lovely which I enjoyed but wasn't too excited about it. You can read my review at good reads I think it was before I did reviews at the othersight) The reason I am giving it another go is her writing. I did enjoy the story I felt it was rushed at the end but I did enjoy it. So I thought this might be a nice breather from Mr. Perfect which I didn't enjoy AT ALL. (I am still debating if I should give Ms. Howard another shot I mean 2 out of 2 I didn't care for didn't hate them but didn't like them either. I'm up in the air.)

Okay I am only on the second chapter of Ink exchange so not much happening just a little set up going on. Will report tomorrow on how it goes (ended up balancing the check book for the remaining half of the lunch break and realized that was stupid b/c it just depress me.)


  1. Anonymous said...

    I am reading Tin Star as well and loving every minute of it so far.

    I love me some hot cowboys.

    You need to read Lorelei James 'Rough Riders' series. Hot cowboy action all the way. Starts with Long Hard Ride. *g* There's a little bit of everything it them.
    Sarai said...
    Great are you going to add to the addiction as well? *drops head* seriously I have been eating Hamburger helper and mac and cheese all week.
    Anonymous said...

    I'm as addicted. I'm also an enabler. If I have to live off instant noodles and soup, then so dies everyone. (JenB gave me this philosphy. Blame her, she got me hooked.)

    Seriously Rough Riders series gets better with every book. The last one was so friggin awesome! It's worth the oain of living off mac & cheese.
    JenB said...
    I can't help it if y'all have no willpower. :P

    Heh...look at sayuri pimpin' those Rough Riders again. Enablers unite!
    Sarai said...
    I swear we should form our own club of enablers b/c Lord knows we bring them into the fold and we don't let go! Rough Riders and Broken H on the list *sigh*
    Anonymous said...
    Sarai - I just finished ' Broken H'. It was even better than 'Tin Star'. (although there were some character similarities and Gray seemed to have a slight personality transplant from Tin Star To Broken H) I might even have cried at a few bits. However, that doesn't mean anything really as I will cry at anything.

    Jen...I have to pimp them to someone else cause you stil haven't read them and I need to squeeee! Especially about the last one which was just ....Arghhhhh!

    And I just read 'The Boy Next Door' by GA Hauser and apart from her overuse of the word 'spurt' (wtf?) and a rather hasty HEA, I loved it. The sex not off the chart, not hot at all, but the story was good.
    JenB said...
    I didn't like The Broken H so much. I didn't feel the chemistry. does have some nice teasers in it for McCabe's story, and I am definitely interested in that one. Yummmm.
    Sarai said...
    Okay wait who the hell is McCabe? Is he in the Tin Star? Did i miss him?
    JenB said...
    McCabe is the hand that was hired at Jamie's dad's ranch.

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