Monday, July 21, 2008

Almost done

Okay I'm almost done with Hidden (I mean seriously like 20 pages left and isn't that always the case when you read at work. You get right to the end and the OMG action then WHAM lunch break over. Happens all the time to me)

Alright where are we um Ana has figured out that SPOLIER highlight if you wish to see what I am talking about. Tristan is the bad guy she has been looking for but doesn't know what to do with that knowledge. B/c he was bad and worked with Ward but at the same time he isn't bad b/c once he realized what Ward was upto he tried to get out.

SO they team up. Why? b/c Ward has trapped them all in side in hopes that only Ana would survive.

I thought at first it was b/c Ward is obessed with her like the sicko was in the other book but no it's b/c he likes to cut on her. (he's gross and very sick really a great villian pure evil with no qualms about it. Wait did I spell that right?)

Oh and Ana and Tristan have had sex in a hot spring no less (speaking of hot springs what's up with me reading two books in a row with the sex scene in a spring am I missing out on why this is so pleasurable?) Okay like I said I am about 20 pages from the end so will finish over lunch tomorrow and start on the next one. Thinking Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard.... Don't know though b/c it is a library book I will have to read it soon...

Oh as far as reviews are concerned I will try to post them sometime soon *fingers crossed*


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