Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mr. Perfect.

Cue scary music b/c me thinks this one is suppose to be scary. I will say one thing for Ms. Howard she has set up the hero and heroine and I even know who the villain is but DANG man there is no action at all. And I'm like almost half way through.
The plot so far: 4 friends have gotten together like girl friends do and started making a list of what the perfect man would have. And well one thing led to another and the list blew up and got loose. Now it's spreading like wildfire through the office and even the news. (why the news would care I have no idea you would think there was something else going on in the city to concern yourself with other than the Mr. Perfect list but there you go.)
We also know the heroine has been engaged 3 times and fell short. The hero is a cop she has mistaken for a drunk and looks good naked when he walks around his house early in the morning naked. (why would he do that I don't know very many men who own their own house without the wife and kids but the few I do know that are single don't hang out naked? And I'm guessing he what 10 inches b/c that's what they put on their list *rolls eyes* funny or not that's stupid IMHO) Oh and she is aroused by it, so that's about where I'm at. That and she did something stupid by attacking a drunk man beating up her neighbor because no one else would for some reason this had no point to it and made me angry other then to show me the heroine is going to rush into a situation she knows she won't win without thinking and pull a TSTL moment later on (You watch I'm betting its going to happen and YOU will hear about how I hate those moments. But for now I'm trying to keep an open mind maybe this was to show something else and I missed it?)

Now contray to what I have written (it may appear that I am not enjoying the book) Actually its just the opposite b/c Ms. Howard has a way about her writing even when the story was bad (raintree: inferno) I still enjoyed reading it. So I am enjoying the book I just wish it didn't have this huge build up. I mean I'm almost at the half way mark and Nada.... (okay whoops that's a damn lie b/c I'm on page 92) Either way something needs to happen soon b/c I am starting to get bored whens the bad guy going to make an appearence? When's someone going to bite the dust or get a scary note or something for Pete's sake


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