Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just finished

So I just finished Gabriel's Ghost by Linnea Sinclair and WOW what a rush. I love it! So glad he didn't have
OMG that concerned me for a bit. The ending was a not stop thrill ride with action, betrayal, love, HEA, and of course lasers. I really enjoyed it. My thoughts are scattered right now b/c as I said I JUST finshed but so far Sullivan has moved high up on my hero list. I know there is a second one that was just released Shades of Dark? I believe. Is it about Chaz and Sully or do we get another characters viewpoint. Also does Ren ever find love or since he is a monk basically he's out of luck?
I'll post an official review later on this week or month. Right now though I have to say that the whole wife thing cracked me up. Oh to have 2 men wanting you that bad that they are willing to fight for you. And then both of them call you wife even though ones an ex and one's Sully. OMG I want a Ren? Do you think I could pick one up?

Is the 6 finger thing important or a genic error. I mean does the 6 fingers help them out? If not then why was it so important? I mean its not like he didn't stand out on his own or anything... blue hair, gills and pale skin... Anyway if you know the answer help me out. I'm dying to figure it out!


  1. Tracy said...
    I have yet to read Sinclair but have heard nothing but good things about her. One day...
    Sarai said...
    She is a really good Sci/Fi romance writer I will give her that. I read this one and Down Home Zombie Blues. I plan to continue with her writing a lot longer *g*
    Carolyn Jean said...
    I loved this book, too! I was actually worried that gabriel WAS a ghost, and I don't want to read about a ghost. I do believe Shades of Dark is about Sully and Chaz. Thanks for reminding me - I totally have to get it!

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