Sunday, July 27, 2008

So I am currently reading The Tin Star by J. L. Langley. I loved My Fair Captain and when this book came into my possession I was thrilled to no end. I mean what is sexier then gay cowboys?

So I am on page 90 and so far so good (Of course I have issues but come on name a book I haven't had issues with) Although with M/M I tend to not think about the issues as much as I do with any other type of book. Still not sure why that is?

Any who the plot: So far James (Jamie) Killian has come out to his family who happens to own a ranch where he is the foreman. The one job he has wanted since he was a kid. Okay so he came out and his father blew a gasket kicking him out with nothing. Before he could panic his older brother's best friend Ethan Whitehall gives him a call and tells him he can work for him as well as stay there.

As the story goes on we learn that Jamie's brother and sister are okay with him being gay. Ethan it turns out is gay but in the closet b/c he didn't want the reaction that Jamie rec'd. His father (and by his father i mean Jamie's) is an asshole in more than one way. Ethan is attracted to Jamie and now that he knows he's gay its on like snow? Don't ask.

So far lots of kissing and petting nothing heavy but I have a feeling I have just gotten to that part. Also on Jamie's first night two ranch hands dragged him out of his bunk in the dead of the night to kick his ass for being gay. (Bastards what kind of people do that. I get you don't respect it, or you don't like it but let it be. There is no reason for you get all high and mighty casting stones and beating people up for it.)

Alright off the soap box for now. That's as far as I have gotten. I really enjoy J.L's writting and even though I have a few minor issues (like the fact Ethan is gay but hasn't come out and yet no one has noticed???? in a small town) but its stupid small stuff that doesn't matter. In fact it is not distracting me at all which is a nice change of pace.


  1. J. Kaye Oldner said...
    I haven't read this one. Have you read a new one out titled Mile High: Men in Motion? I have that one on the way.
    Sarai said...
    I haven't read that one. Is it by Langely? I am becoming a fan girl of hers. I love Jet Mykles Hevean Sent and I love me some Josh Lanyon but other than that I haven't read a whole lot of M/M. *g*
    J. Kaye Oldner said...
    No, it's by G. A. Hauser. I found her on MySpace and decided to order the book. Looks good!
    Sarai said...
    Hum I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the suggestion

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