Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Breathe a sigh of relief because I finished a book!!!! WHOOT! Okay finished Hidden over lunch and I have to say Ms. Kenin has moved up to my auto buy list. I am digging this series but especially I am digging her writing style. So much so that I went out and bought her historical romances under Eve Silver. Whoot you heard me right.
Okay back to Hidden. It wrapped up nicely I thought she did a good job with the whole I love you bit. In fact I really, really, really love Tristian's whole line of you tell me when your ready and I will still love you.

I felt the ending was rushed after all the build up (don't get me wrong I enjoyed it but it still felt rushed) The epilogue was a nice touch but leads me to believe the next book all 3 siblings will be together if there is a next book (there is isn't there?) I hope there is b/c I want to see the last sister get her HEA. I think she might already have it based on book 1 but I would like to know for certain.
Other than that this is an excellent series. I think anyone who likes futuristic novels should seriously consider this author. (no offical review this wasn't in the TBR pile. It was one I just had to read)
Now on to Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard.


  1. Tracy said...
    I've never read Kenin or Silver but have heard wonderful things about both! So cool that she's making a success for herself under both names!
    Sarai said...
    You know what I haven't read Silver yet (whoops) but I own all her books that's how good Driven was and I have to say I'm glad I invested b/c Hidden is just as good!
    Christine said...
    I'm glad you liked Hidden so much, too. I still liked Driven more, but this was very good. I liked Tristan and Ana a lot. I hope Zuriko gets her own story too.

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