Thursday, July 31, 2008

I personally think my lunch breaks should be long enough for me to enjoy a WHOLE book. But I digress...
Alright this book has some really tough issues for young girls and boys to deal with and I respect Ms. Marr even more for presenting them in a way that makes us all (and I mean even us adults) step back and look hard at our lives. This young girl (Lesley) is a survivor. HARD CORE. She has been through hell and is still struggling to right her self. And I applaud her efforts.
I am at the part where the dark king is trying to finish the connection he has started with her through her tattoo. But Naill (who me thinks is suppose to be the hero) Anywho Naill wants her but fears his past and his power (something to do with touch. When he touches a mortal they begin to crave his touch and eventually die from lack of touch) So he holds back. However, now that the Dark King is after her Naill is fighting for her as well. Including fighting against his desire to have her.
This book is going good. VERY INTERESTING read and one I would HIGHLY suggest if you like YA (there will be no sex but Ms. Marr does almost everything but) Also this is a book I am suggesting to my teenage cousins.


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