Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dangerous Ground

So I finally decided to dig into an ebook I won over and Lisabea's site because hey its M/M and I was itching for a new one.

So I picked Josh Lanyon's Dangerous Ground. So far so good only on page 16 so not a lot going on. I am getting confused and this is just something I get confused with when it comes to M/M. Keeping them straight (not literally of course) but it revolves around Will and Taylor and well I can't remember who is who. Granted only on page 16 so that will more then likely change as I read on.

I'm hoping to finish this tonight since its a short one only 109 pages if I do I will post my review tomorrow! If not well I'll post it when I finish. Still need to write the review for GG by Sinclair and I hope to finish Hidden tomorrow at lunch.

Anywho so far going good just need to keep the menz seperated.


So I have a new phrase thanks to Josh: WTF literally WTF... That's all I'm saying. and another favorite phrase: although they were probably alarming the hell out of the local wildlife. Hee that one cracks me up! Gawd I love M/M sex scenes just the thought of 2 alpha males trying to figure out whose bottom is enough to having me gasping trying to breathe and then the reaction from the alpha that is bottom priceless...

Okay another line "Words every man dreaded hearing - even coming from another man" Seriously women dread it too but We need to talk never ends in a good way for the listener have you noticed that?

Another thing why is it men can't talk about their feelings huh? I mean what is it in our society that makes men think "Sharing my feelings equals bad?" the whole problem between Will and Taylor would have been solved if they could open up. (then again it wouldn't have been a book if that happened but still)

Alright I'm on page 70ish and the action has kicked up a notch favorite line so far: He struggled against the hysterical giggles threatening to burst out of his throat. It wasn't that funny, for Christ's sake, and he was still in a hell of a lot of trouble.

Okay new phrase busybody bitch LOL OMG that's funny

I really, really, really like Taylor he is funny and very Taylor (IDK? work with it)

Okay finally thoughts I think it was cute short story with action and romance. I like how the guys were guys not all girly. They acted like real men you would meet everyday. I enjoy how they were both openly gay (to a point) so it wasn't one telling the other he was although that story line is fun too~

I did enjoy it and highly recommend to people who like M/M romance!


  1. JenB said...
    I hate talking about my feelings too. Damaged alpha bitch phenomenon.

    Lemme know how you like this one, and whether it has more a more satisfying ending than all the anthology pieces. I would probably actually consider reading this.
    Sarai said...
    Jen I liked it for a short story. I think the guys were good gives a whole new meaning to lube!
    Anywho a quick read with a satisfying (sp?) ending!
    Tracy said...
    I liked this one! I really liked Will and Taylor and some of their phrases were pretty damned good. Jenb - I think it's worth the read...and it's totally short! :)

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