Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Okay Miss Wonderful

Is the current book I am working on at work. Can I saw work any more in a sentence? Anywho this is my light lunch read and although it's Loretta Chase I find myself wondering when anything is going to happen? I have met the hero I have seen the heroine. I know where the 3 book series is going to go. I mean its about the last 3 brothers in the Hargrove (did I spell that right?) family. This is the 3rd brother out of 5. The older 2 are already married.

Daddy has decided that this one is costing him too much money in clothing bills, hat bills, gloves ect... so he has decided that his son will either marry a rich woman in 6 months, or he will sell of his younger brother's property. That is very harsh considering his only weakness is A) falling in love hard and fast with the wrong females, b) clothes and c) his brothers. So of course instead of marrying for money he decides to go into business and earn his keep. His first job to convince a small town of building a canel to help improve buisness and travel.

Problem: Well yeah the wealthiest land owner doesn't handle his own affairs his daughter Marbel does. (Horrible name FYI but her name none the less) The thing our hero doesn't want to like Marbel. She dresses horribly, she is pretty and well we all know his previous taste in women have been wrong. But now he is actually going to have to convince her that his thoughts on the canel are good.

So that's where I'm at with the story. Its a slow go but hopefully *fingers crossed* it will pick up soon.


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