Monday, February 2, 2009

So they raved and ranted and I started it. I'm only on page 57 but so far it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Nor is it as good as I thought it might be. However, Ms. Bishop's writing has me hooked and I'm dying to figure out just what in the hell is going on.

I think I know and then WHAM something happens and I gets all kinds of confused. Like is there only one girl/woman through this whole book? And 3 men/creatures fighting for her? What in the hell is up with the spelling of their names did she go all JR Ward on us or did JR Ward yank this idea from her? Gawd people just spell names the way they sound just once. I'm begging ya.
Other than that if I can figure out what is going on I will try to explain it. So far we have one bad ass witch who is killing those stronger than her off, making the men submit, and basically running a muck. We have one guy whose a slave litterally with chains, another who is a sex slave, and yet another who is the king of hell? (Let me know if I have this wrong K?)
Add to that a young girl around 7 has appeared to all but the sex one. But he knows she is around b/c a crazy witch told him so. The thing is that she has an abundence of power but yet can't control any of it. And she has 13 Black Jewels which from what I take it the jewels find you on your birthright ceremony?
I am seriously hoping a lot of this is cleared up the further I go with this book. So if you guys can help clear it up or just reassure me that these questions are answered I would appreciate it.


  1. Tracy said...
    I think you'll really like you read further. The book is so huge that even up to page 57 you are only getting the flavor of what is to come.

    I didn't think the names were that bad, but that's me. :)

    And for your readers digest version of the summary...that's pretty much it. :)
    Zeek said...
    this was out before ward's series, I believe- Ward rips from others all the time.

    I loved this series but then, I love classic fantasy!
    Renee said...
    It sounds like you've got a good handle on this one!

    It's an overwhelming world, but well worth sticking with. Just keep reading, and eventually, it will fall into place! :-)
    Sarai said...
    Tracy: Well I've gotten past the fourth way mark (not sure if that is even real or not) and it has sucked me in LOL can't wait to see what happens and I'm really glad I have all 3!

    Zeek: I knew there was a reason I didn't like her writing.

    Renee: I'm trying I did manage to get further and it is starting to make more sense.

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