Saturday, February 14, 2009


So I am reading Ecstasy: the Shadowdwellers by Jacquelyn Frank a new series she has started that branched off after the Demon series she had. And even though I only read one of that series I thought the cover looked amazing so I spurged and bought in ebook as one of my first purchases. And I am starting to regret it.

I'm only on page 145 but I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to walk away. In fact according to Goodreads I've been trying to read this book since January 29 and though that doesn't seem like that long ago it really is for me. If you consider that while I was at the hospital for 3 days I managed to start and finish 2 books. 2 books I wasn't even thinking about reading until that time. And yet 3 weeks later I'm only on page 145. I still don't care for the heroine even though I have tried DAMN hard to give her the benefit of the doubt. I hate the healing scene in which she dry humps him until he is well. I really could care less for the hero and the fact that they haven't even explained to the heroine why she is the only person in the shadowdwelling like place.

The world building is wonderful and I think if I could just get pass the hiccups I would do okay but I can't get pass them so here's my promise to me. If I can't get past page 200 without skimming then I am giving up on it. I never give up on books ever but every once in a while due to my mood or whatever funk I'm in I just can't do it any longer. This might be one of those times. Wish me luck


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