Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daughter of the Blood

My take day 2 LOL!

I am currently on page 128 and I have to admit I've been sucked into this fantasy world that Ms. Bishop has created. Yes the questions still remain and yes I am still midly confused. But the pieces are at least coming together. So far I have discovered that the King of hell Saetan is the father of Daemon and Lucivar (yes that is really how she spells the names.) Anywho both L and D have the ring of obedience which yes is around his private area. This is a way the women can control them and why in Gods name would they treat them like Shit even with this control. B/c D has already proven that he can kill them and doesn't care at all.

Anywho their Queen who is now 12 Jannelle I believe is her name has all the sudden stopped appearing. And some how a whore name Surreal is involed the only contection I see is she screwed Janelle's uncle who has put her in a mental institute and Surreals mother is a demon dead who has warned Saetan about the evil queen finding out about his precious Jannelle.

D has just killed the bitch who was trying to control him and made a muck of it while his mother is trying to figure out where to send him while at the same time trying not to want to screw him (THAT IS JUST GROSS FYI) then you thrown in that L is now missing and Jannelle is not making any appearances and is bringing other unstable kids into hell (which I'm not certain that is the best place for them) However, she has made the comment she won't leave her sister which makes me wonder what role her sister plays.

What else, what else... oh and there is a crazy lady who runs around and tells D what will happen in the future that drives me insane b/c nothing she says makes sense. And I finally realized she is the crazy woman in the front of the book at the Prologue who foretold this story or something.

Anywho the long end of it is: the book is good but not something a person should read in short burst which is all I can read while at work. It is most defiantely something you should sit down and read in a long setting.

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  1. Ceridwen83 said...
    I loved this series but like you said its something you have to devote reading time to. The prequel novel Invisible Ring was also excellent and a bit easier to read because it stays with one person the whole time if I remember correctly.

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