Friday, February 20, 2009

I have switched books. I just wasn't able to get into Biting Nixie right now. I think it was because of the way the main character talked. Half the time I had to stop and re-read it to think about it and then go back to the story and right now that just was too distracting so I have decided to wait.

In the mean time Reading Romance books sent me Marked by Passion by Kate Perry so I am attempting to read it at work. Which FYI not a good idea. Even though the cover is tame compared to some of the book covers out there I still get slightly embarressed to be reading it out in pubic when a half naked man is on the cover showing his tit. And then everyone wants to know what its about and I have no idea so that's just akward.

Other than that not much been working way, way, way too much and have to work this weekend as well but after that I should have a few weekends to myself. LOL God willing anyway!


  1. Ceridwen83 said...
    I had to put a book down the other day too and start something else because I was having an issue with a main character. I totally understand about reading those types of books at the office, I have a friend who likes to grab them and start reading out loud. She always manages to find the most embarrassing scenes too. Good luck with work :)
    Tracy said...
    Yeah, Biting Nixie's speech was a little off-putting at first but it doesn't stay that way the whole time - just so you know. She does throw in an odd word here and there but not like it is at first.

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