Friday, August 8, 2008

I like but I don't. I don't like being told a story so far in past tense that I Feel the person telling the story is purposely leaving out vital information.

Ex.: I didn't get what he was trying to tell me that night, but later, when it counted, I would remember and understand. pg. 192
Seriously its like this the whole book. I don't understand but later when it is important I would remember that. I DON'T CARE. Tell me what is happening now or what you were thinking then. Don't tell me that later on in life you realized how important that was.
Because it has nothing to do with the present which means you are dragging me out of the story and trust me when I say that you are doing it more and more almost every other page. VERY DISTRACTING. I do not enjoy things like that. Now later in the story if you are like Shit I remember when he said (insert blah) and I didn't listen hell that would have been useful. But don't tell me now.
Another thing is the whole she knows more than she is telling me which makes me wonder WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS VERSION THEN. Apparently it is pointless b/c it all changes later. OMG so I'm frustrated. I will see this book through but I doubt I will pick up the next especially if it reads like this.
Plus I really, REALLY hate the blonde, dumb, southern sterotype that she is playing into. Just b/c she is from the south didn't mean she had to be stupid, dress in pink, look like Barbie and be slow to think of things. SERIOUSLY enough alright just once I would like to meet a fast thinker from the south who doesn't look tan and blonde who doesn't care a wit about cussing not being approiate for proper young ladies and doesn't WEAR PINK they all can't be like that surly? Can they?


  1. JenB said...
    I think I remember reading a review that said basically what you said...she got tired of the whole "If I'd only known then..." type of talk in the book.
    Bev(QB) said...
    Now for me, I think the Fever series is a master's class in the use of 1st person POV. Yes, it's told from a future tense (?is that the right term?) but it is written in a way that we don't know if it is Mac telling us the story directly, we are seeing through the eyes of someone else reading her journal (maybe her granddaughter years from now?), or WE are reading her journal, possibly after she is dead.

    However, I DO think that the end of Darkfever is a type of betrayal to the reader. I won't spoil, but up to that point, we only know what Mac knows, but we DO know everything she knows. So, to me, the ending of DF breaks that trust with the reader.
    Christine said...
    I totally forgot about that stuff, Sarai (I read DarkFever about a year ago, I think). And now that you mention it, I do recall being annoyed about the ditzy blond wearing pink clothes and a perfect manicure stereotype. But maybe it let up towards the end of the book (?), because I really wanted to read the next book when I finished and was pissed it was a HC release. Hence, I still haven't read BloodFever. Am waiting for the mpb that comes out later this month, I think.

    Did you finish DarkFever?
    Carolyn Jean said...
    I think this is so charming and funny, and good for you for changing your mind. I've never read a book so far in the past tense. Very interesting.
    Sarai said...
    Jen: Yeah it really turned me off. I hate to admit it but its turned into a DNF book for me.

    Bev: Dear me maybe I shouldn't finish b/c it would piss me off.

    Christine: No I don't believe that I will either. I seriously have no drive to read it like I did at first. Its all kind of *shrug* faded away for me. There's nothing that is OMG I must finish going on right now.

    CJ: It was different I just got so tired of IF I had known crap. LOL I am really digging this site though it does help me understand what not to buy based on my thoughts and what to buy based on them LOL

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