Thursday, August 7, 2008

Alright I was wrong

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I'm the first admit when I am wrong about something and well I was wrong about this series. For some reason everytime I passed by it in the store I would roll my eyes and move on. *clearing throat* Well folks I was wrong.

I am throughly enjoying this book. Although it is in first person and I personally have some issues with Mac (seriously though name a book I don't have issues with a character) I have to admit I am hooked. And by hooked I mean I am pissed off I couldn't read more. I am dying to find out what happens and how many books are in this series? Are they all about Mac?

Okay plot Mac's sister has died a horrible death when she gets her cell phone (which she happened to drop in the pool I have been there done that although I didn't wait 2 weeks to replace it and it was the toliet not the pool anywho) she discovers her sister tried to get in contact with her the last few hours before she died regarding something.

That something happens to be a book on the Unseelie (did I spell that right?) Fae. Needless to say Mac is not happy the pictures presented to her of her sister don't jive with the girl she once knew and she is getting pissed that she can't figure out what is going on (which I totally believe she reacts in a way I would which is a bonus for the writer) She doesn't believe in the supernatural (just like you and me and admit it you know if something like this happened to you, you would so not believe it) Anyway the only hiccup so far is the whole book is like reading a well written diary seriously (I start to get sucked in and then something about loving music or how french fries to this day make her sick gets thrown out and takes me out of the moment) but hey that's my only gripe and that in itself is impressive. Really liking this series is the next one a continuation with the same people or new ones? Anyone know?


  1. JenB said...
    The next books are a continuation of the same story with the same characters, as far as I can remember. The Fever series is actually an urban fantasy offshoot of the Highlander paranormal romance series by the same author. The Highlander books aren't absolutely necessary to the Dark Fever series, but they do have some background information.

    I own Dark Fever and three of the Highlander books...just haven't had the time or motivation to read them.
    Sarai said...
    Well crap did you really just tell the girl with OCD who must read everything in order that she has to read the highlander series first SO not listening..

    Actually and I am seriously going to get shot here but I don't like highlander books, historical or timetravel I just don't like the Scottish menz. *ducks*
    Brie said...
    I have this book, I have tried to read it more than once, and I can not get into it. But I'm glad you're liking it!
    Renee said...
    I'm totally compulsive about reading series in order, and at the time I read Darkfever and Bloodfever, I hadn't read any of the Highlander series. Actually, I still haven't since the excerpt I read on KMM's site didn't really draw me in.

    I LOVED Darkfever and Bloodfever, and can't wait for Faefever, which is coming out on Sept 16.
    Something sort of cool that KMM is doing to promote her new book is to release the audiobook of the first one, Darkfever, in podcast form, a chapter at a time.

    I haven't listened to it yet, wanting to wait for all the installments to arrive in my iTunes so I can listen to it all in one go. You can get it at her site,

    Hope you enjoy Darkfever as much as I did!
    Sarai said...
    Brie: What didn't you like about the book? Is it the first person narration? I am always wondering what turns people off about certain books LOL

    Renee: That does sound interesting! Your right the highlander series just doesn't do anything for me solely based on the blurb. I'll have to check out the podcast LOL

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