Monday, August 11, 2008

Another book another day

So Darkfever didn't go the way I planned and I was beginning to wonder if it wasn't the blog's fault (and yes I do blame others for my problems its a character flaw I have learned to deal with) But seriously folks ever since I started writing down my thoughts as I read I find I finish less and less books b/c they just aren't working for me.
But then I wonder if it is really the blog's fault or if by doing this while reading I am just realizing more issues I have with books. And by default since they are brought to the light where others can comment that no I'm not crazy they found it annoying too. If that is giving me permission to not finish?
Anyway enough crap for the day I started a new book (and the crowd goes wild) Today is a historical romance novel by none other than my favorite historical romance writer Christina Dodd. She was the first romance novel I ever read and since I happen to own all her books and haven't read this one I thought, how can i go wrong. So anyway the book is Scandalous Again
So far we have been introduced to both characters (hero and heroine) and I have to say I like neither which isn't a bad thing b/c Ms. Dodd has a tendency to write about the characters no one likes. They are usually too demanding, too alpha, too in your face, too stubborn, too annoyingly right. Until about midway through and then they realize what an ass they've been. *sigh* Every girl's dream no? Anywho so far following the same pattern.
Maddie is a dutchess in her own right (which is rare) anywho 4 years ago she stood up Gabriel b/c he gambles and she hates people who gamble b/c her father does and has lost a great amount of money. In fact when she returns to England she learns her father loss her in a bet no less to another man. To make matters worse she belives her father is going to go to a gambling game (one of the biggest in the country) to gamble away the Queen's crown which was given to her family by Elizabeth the first!
Okay so she talks her cousin and companion into switching places with her (her cousin will go to the man who won her in gambling to stall while she finds her father and talks him out of it) However, her cousin is shy and not at all a dutchess and well Maddie is too outspoken to be a companion. (Whew that was a lot) Needless to say we have just gotten to the point where Maddie shows up as a companion to a young girl (with a really weird name that I can neither pronounce nor spell) when she arrives who does she discover is there? (Seriously if you haven't figured it out pooh on you) Gabriel that's right folks the one she jilted at the altar. And then had sex with before fleeing the country for 4 years.
Now you are where I am on the book. Has anyone read it? Any thoughts on it?


  1. Aymless said...
    Hi Sarai! I haven't read ANY Dodd. *ducks*... Darkfever was on my TBB, guess I wait and get it used. I have the 1st in the series in my TBR.
    Tracy said...
    Sounds interesting I'll have to see what you say about the rest of it.

    I haven't read any of Dodd's historicals but I like her contemporary's (sometimes).
    Taja said...
    I started to keep a notepad with me to write down my thoughts while reading. While it certainly helps later when I try to write a post about the book, it also makes reading less fun, mostly because I notice more, so I understand what you mean.

    I hope Dodd's novel will work for you! :)

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