Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm Scandalous Again

Not really but the title is catchy no? So the book has picked up. The H and H have had sex (how many times can I use a word with H in it?) Good sex too not that ho hum sex. Let me see where did we leave off. Of the villain is still bad but the hero has figured out some of the plan. The heroine is still a little stubborn but I have just reached the part where she realizes HOW FRIGGING STUPID AND IMMATURE SHE HAS BEEN. She is regretting it (see I told you Dodd does that with her stories)

Um the heroine has told the hero she loves him and I am still waiting for the shoe to drop and the hero be like "well good that's my revenge have a nice life" ride off in the sunset and on the lat 10 pages realize that was stupid, ride back say sorry and she and he get the HEA. However, if I know Dodd (which I'd like to think I do than this won't happen) But something is about to happen b/c she has declared her love and we still have 1/4th of the book to go. And is anyone else curious about the real companion her cousin? I mean what's happening with her? Did the American kidnap her and take her back to America? Did he realize she isn't the dutchess I mean what?

Okay other than that things are going good. Oh I finished Oh George last night. Cute little book, had the boss and secretary thing that can go either way. I did like the sex and I thought the menz behaved like menz which is always good. I didn't care for the ending seemed a little rushed and neatly packaged (than again it was a short story so *shrug*) Alright that's about it for now. I need to start a new book at home and I need to get ready to switch out work book tomorrow. Thinking of going with Under the Marble sky but not sure.


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