Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For the record

I'm in a reading slump and don't know how to get out. (now that its off my chest I feel as if I can continue.) Okay first thing first I finished a book YEAH (I know right I mean I actually finished a WHOLE book, which now and days is becoming rare for me) Okay the book was Jet Mykles' Dark Elves 1 & 2 and there were some things I loved about it and things I hated about it.

First off things I loved: I loved the sex (and OMG who couldn't I mean dark men with white hair made for the sole purpose of pleasuring women?!?!?!?! Sign me up) *clears throat* sorry about that. I also totally dug the mythology and culture that Ms. Mykles has made with her Dark Elves. I mean the woman knows how to make a fantasy world with rules and follow them. All very good.

Now things I didn't care for: The women are captured by the Elves, put under a spell that makes them very, very, very horney. In otherwords as Diana said they were raped. They didn't get a choice, they didn't get a say and even though it was pleasurable for them I wouldn't enjoy it either.

Now I understand it is a work of fiction and it ended HEA for both parties so I get that which is why I was able to move past it and enjoy the story. (that and Ms. Mykles is a fantastic writer. MAN she knows how to suck you and not let you go and no for the record that pun was not intended!)

Alright now I need a new book at home (one I am not dying to read b/c Lord knows it won't happen in one sitting)

Work book is where I should focus now. So far it is not improving although we are getting to the part where the heroine is realizing what an ass she was and has been. We are also starting to see more of the overall picture and OMG Gabriel still carries her glove that she wore the night she broke off the engagement. *sigh* I am really starting to dig Gabriel. Maddie still needs time to grow on me.

Anywho they have discovered part of the "evil" plot and are trying to convince the other to "go home its too dangerous" however, Maddie won't go b/c she is stubborn and Gabriel well he's a typical man so that answered that.

Maddie is certain her father will show up to gamble and refuses to leave until she has him. The catch her father has already given the crown to the "evil man" and now Maddie has to figure out how to get it back (in case you are wondering she goes to Gabriel to ask him to win it for her) Stupid move on her behalf b/c the deal is he will win it but she must sleep with him for 1 night (and I said that's it? seriously you've already done that once and TOTALLY enjoyed it, I mean shit I bet that it wouldn't be so bad to do it again. And why only 1 night, what is his wang magical or something? I mean if you have her in a tight position ask for a week)

Anyway you can probably guess that she has said no but is reconsidering. And that's where I'm at.

So what are you guys reading?


  1. J. Kaye Oldner said...
    "...who couldn't I mean dark men with white hair..."

    LOLOL! A nice hot-hot-hot book always gets me out of that reading slump.
    Renee said...
    Like you, I usually have 2 books going, though for me it's a "reading book" and a "listening book" (for chores, driving around, doing mindless website work.)
    Right now I'm just starting to read Blood and Iron by Elizabeth Bear and am listening to Megan Hart's Tempted.

    I'm intrigued by the Jet Mykles. I have to check it out...
    Sarai said...
    J Kaye: You know I never thought that would be the case so color me surprised LOL maybe my taste are refining?

    Hey Renee I need to invest in the auto books. So far I've heard great things about them I just havent' done anything about it yet.

    Jet Mykles is an Erotic and M/M author so keep that in mind *g*
    sayuri60 said...
    I'm never gonna forgive you Sarai!

    I promised myself I wouldn't get sucked into the world of historical romances. I have enough to contend with, what with the m/m romances, the paranormals and the contemps. I don;t have enough hours in the day. Then I caught the first line of Lisa Kleypas' Suddenly You and I am hooked! ANd it's all your fault. If you hadn't wanted the book, I wouldn't have looked twice at it! Damn you and your book choices.

    The only thing saving you is you love Jensen as much as moi! *g*

    I just finished 'The Duke ANd I' and loved it. ALso just finished 'Chesapeake Blue' and loved it. I *heart* the Quinns!
    Sarai said...
    Oh Sayuri when are you going to learn LOL it is never good to read reviews, or recommendations from others it makes the TBR pile grow, the money shrink, and the amount of time in any given day seem less.

    Oh I love Suddenly You very good book and now I must go re-read it. The Duke and I is one of me favorites don't know why but there is just something about it!

    As far as Jensen is concerned man I just can't get enough!!! Never read 'Chesapeake Blue' so can't give you any insight from me on it LOL. Oh enjoy the time suck of historicals they always do it for me when I'm in a reading slump!
    Sarai said...
    PS Lisa Kleypas books are ALL GOOD and worth the money and time. Seriously even her contemps are good Sugar Daddy and Blue Eyed Devil.
    JenB said...
    Yummy licorice elves. I haven't read the book yet, but at least I own it...one of these days.

    I'm reading Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione. AMAZING. So good, so hot.
    Renee said...
    Thanks for the heads up about Jet Mykles, Sarai. I'll keep that in mind (and make a note!) ;-)

    Audible is a good place to start with the audiobooks. They also have good romance, paranormal, and erotic book sections. (Where I got Tempted.)

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