Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Low Red Moon

So I'm about 1/2 way through the book and WOW just WOW. Everytime I think I have it figured out something else comes along and makes me shake my head. I can't tell if I like it or not. It has sucked me in, I will continue to read it but I can't tell if its out of curiousity or horror?

And keep in mind I don't like Horror but something about this book sucked me and and won't let me go. Right now I have been in the head of the woman (Chance) who is having visions of blood and is pregant with the main male (Deacon) he is a psychic that can touch something and find what he is looking for AKA the body or where the person is at. So you know the police were all on that. He couldn't deal with the visions and nightmares afterwards so he became an alcoholic.

However, he stopped drinking when he married Chance b/c she asked him too. And I've been in the head of the killer who is a female and I believe she is also a half demon with a MESSED up childhood which could explain the demon part or the psycho nature she possess. Either way that is where I'm at.

What a line up huh?


  1. Anonymous said...
    Am I losing my mind or did you change up your background/theme? Now I forgot what I wanted to say about your!
    Sarai said...
    LOL I changed it a while back like a week or two I don't really like it as much so Odds say I'll change it again LOL!
    Anonymous said...
    Really? I like it! Now you have me curious as to what will be next. :)
    JenB said...
    Hey, did you finish the book? I'm dying here. Tell me how you liked it!

    (It's been on my shopping list for a while.)
    Sarai said...
    Nope its good I just haven't had time. HOWEVER, I do get monday off so I am hoping I can catch up on some reading (Much needed reading!) I do suggest it though. Not so much horror as creepy and very beautiful/descriptive writing. She is good at suspense though and the figure out what is going on plots that Dean Koonz (spelling wrong i know) has.
    LesleyW said...
    Please bear with Outlander, at least until Claire meets Jamie. I think at that point you should know whether or not you're going to like it.

    They are one of my favourite couples, though I think I stalled out on the series at book 4. But they are great comfort reads. I reread Outlander (Cross Stitch in the UK) not that long ago.

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