Monday, August 4, 2008

Just started

The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston and I am up and arms about it. Not sure if I like it or not. It deals with Brooklyn girls (which is fine except when the author tries to write the accent) Let me see... The main hero is Mace who has been in love with Dez since he was 14 (again with the whole mate thing) anywho he comes back and learns that a member of his sisters pride (which is the part I am liking. She has at least stuck with what traditional lions are a pride which means one male lots of females having babies or possibly 2 males but no more) has been killed. Oh and PS his sister HATES Dez b/c she's not good enough for her lion brother (insert rolling eyes)
Mace isn't welcomed in the pride b/c he is an alpha male and make the others feel threatened. However, his sister would like to trade him out to another pride. He doesn't want to go he wants one mate (Dez) who is stuck in the whole "he's too pretty and rich, and good for me why would he want anything from me other than sex?" mode (which I am getting tired of. Would it matter? Just screw him already you know you want to so what if he doesn't call the next morning wasn't like you've admitted your in love with him yet)
There are some funny secondary characters which I am guessing have the second half of the book (this is 2 short stories in one) Smitty and Sissy Mae (southern wolves) if you were wondering. All and all still not sure. Will read tomorrow again thinking this might be a loss on me simply b/c I'm so indifferent and well no one is rubbing me right but I don't think I have read enough of it to really judge at this point. We shall see how I feel after the 2 finally hook up. (HA HA that's dirty LOL)

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  1. JenB said...
    I hope this ends up to be a good book for you, 'cause I have it here at home and I wanna know if it's worth reading!

    If it does suck, at least I've heard that she has other books that are a lot better.

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