Monday, August 4, 2008

So change in plans

The Mane Event had to be returned to the library tomorrow or I get a late fee. Since I haven't paid my current late fee I am trying to avoid that option. So new book reading at work is Dark Fever by Karen Marie Moning (Thanks to MaryKate) So wish me luck hopefully this one will go smooth. So far I have had a lot of misses with library books! I will return to the Mane Event when I get another chance to check it out.


  1. Christine said...
    I liked DARK FEVER very much. Its a great story, but go into it knowing it is largely the set up book for the Fever series. I hope you like it!
    ames said...
    You can borrow my copy of the Mane Event if you want. :P
    Sarai said...
    Christine: So in otherwords keep an open mind? LOL

    Ames: OMG that just reminded me I got you package back again this time though I forgot to add enough postage *smacks forehead* So 3rd times a charm.

    Do you have it in print or ebook? I hate the thought of you having to mail it out and pay that postage... Crap is there anything you want to borrow that I can throw in with your books make it an even exchange both ways *g*
    Christine said...
    Yes. LOL. But the good news is that you can move right to BLOOD FEVER which I think comes out in mass market paperback later this month. I still haven't read it because I couldn't justify buying the hardcover. I do plan on continuing with the series, though.

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