Monday, June 1, 2009

TITLE: Proven Guilty
AUTHOR: Jim Butcher
TYPE: Urban Fantasy
PAGES; 496
SERIES: 8th in the series
1. Storm Front
2. Fool Moon
3. Grave Peril
4. Summer Knight
5. Death Masks
6. Blood Rites
7. Dead Beat
8. Proven Guilty
9. White Night
10. Small Favor
11. Welcome to the Jungle

REASON FOR READING: Come on I’ve read them all up to this one so I had to complete the series.

Summary : {From Goodreads}
The White Council of Wizards has drafted Harry Dresden as a Warden and assigned him to look into rumors of black magic in Chicago. Malevolent entities that feed on fear are loose in the Windy City, but it's all in a day's work for a wizard, his faithful dog, and a talking skull named Bob.

We are back in Chicago with Harry picking up where he left off in the last one. This one involved the Carpenters which I love to learn about. If you remember or you might not the dad Michael is a White Knight of the sword. This one also reminded me of an episode of Charmed where movie characters are coming to life so that kind of ruined the whole OOHHH factor However, the twist at the end was pretty good and I enjoyed it so that helped redeem the book.

Things I enjoyed:
-Uh duh Harry! He’s the best wizard EVER!!! *clears throat* Okay let’s be more specific. He is loyal, trusting, honest and well just wants the good guys to win even if that means getting his butt kicked. (Still sticking with this statement from the last review)
-This plot helped move the whole story further and I can see where we are heading with it.
-I really enjoyed watching the Carpenters come together as a family and seeing Charity being knocked down a peg. I also enjoyed learning why Charity hated Harry so much.
-I also enjoyed the humor Harry has the best one liners ever.

Things I didn’t care for: - Like I said the plot didn’t wow me like it could of considering that I’ve seen it before on Charmed. However, it did have a nice twist to it that did redeem it.

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Passing on it only b/c it was a library book and sadly enough I haven’t kept any of the series.

SCORE: 6 out of 10

Anything Else: You need to read the series to understand the complex nature of this book. Too many of the sub plots are taken from other stories in the series.
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43 / 100 books. 43% done!


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