Monday, June 22, 2009

Left Behind...

Okay I really haven't talked about this book and I feel bad for that. This is one of those books that you either enjoy or don't. It is a religion book which I have never read before but thought that since I am growing as a Christian and exploring new areas of my faith that reading Christian literature might be a good step. So what did I start with? A book about the the end of times. Yeah very scary stuff.

So far we have delt with 2 main characters and a few minor characters. We now know who is the anti-christ and how easily he will win the world over. Rapture has occured (for those of you unfimilar with this that is when God will call back his people and in a blink of an eye they will be gone) And now the world is wondering why they were left behind, who stole the people and what is going on. Those that had been to church realized it was Christ's hand while others are doubtful and looking for any excuse.

Rayford one of the main characters is left behind. His wife and son were taken and now Rayford realizes that he was left and who is responsible. He is coming to find the Lord while at the same time hoping his daughter Chole finds him as well. Rayford is also starting to realize all of his sins and how that hurt him in the long run.

The other main character is "Buck" a young reporter who is unsure of what is going on but is so enamored with his job he isn't looking for any particular reason. Buck is the one that will become close to the anti-christ and is helping him by making him a major story.

Somehow these two stories will either come together or fall apart. I can't wait to see which. Left behind is the 1st of 7 I think and I am about done with it. I will post a review when I finish.

Has anyone else read this series? Did you find yourself with goosebumps while reading it?

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  1. Tracy said...
    I read the first few books in this series but then just kind of stopped. This book definitely makes you sit down and think about things at first but it is definitely fiction and after a while got a little too outlandish for me.

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