Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Review to follow on the Challenge site soon! I did enjoy the book and the back blurb is mis-leading in a sense, but I still enjoyed it.

I hurt for Rose and laughed with Rose, I enjoyed her happiness and shared in her sadness which is something I admire in a good author. I do recommend this book to those who enjoy reading about fairy tales b/c it has a very nice twist on it. I think this might turn into one of those wishlist kind of books.

Renee just informed me book 2 is coming out so I will do some research on it to determine what its about and get back with you!

Did anyone else like it? Did you figure out who Rose would end up with?


  1. Renee said...
    Annaliese Evans' site doesn't have a book description for The Prince of Frogs, but it's over at Amazon. However, she does have an excerpt posted:

    Glad you enjoyed it. AmyC over at Romance Book Wyrm (where I had 1st heard about the book) communicated with the author, and she made an interesting comment about the next book, which will continue Rose's story. It's sort of spoilery, so I won't post it here, but you can search Amy's blog, or send me an email if you're curious! :-)

    reneesbookaddiction at g mail dot com
    Amy C said...
    Hi there, I saw the title of your post on some ones blog roll and hopped over to see what you thought. Funny that Renee mentioned me :). And now here I am!

    Here is the link to my post about Night's Rose if you were interested.
    Sarai said...
    Renee thanks for the help! I did enjoy the book a few things had me rolling my eyes but nothing major. I will try to post the official review early next week!

    Amy ~ Hey thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the link I hope to have an offical review soon! I did enjoy it and I know I will pick up book 2. I'm one of those people if book 2 is really good I'll buy the series.

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