Thursday, May 21, 2009

TITLE: White Night
AUTHOR: Jim Butcher
TYPE: Urban Fantasy
PAGES; 416
SERIES: 9th in the series
1. Storm Front
2. Fool Moon
3. Grave Peril
4. Summer Knight
5. Death Masks
6. Blood Rites
7. Dead Beat
8. Proven Guilty
9. White Night
10. Small Favor
11. Welcome to the Jungle

REASON FOR READING: Come on I’ve read them all up to this one so I had to complete the series.

Summary : {From Goodreads}
Professional wizard Harry Dresden is investigating a series of deaths in Chicago. Someone is killing practitioners of magic, those incapable of becoming full-fledged wizards. Shockingly, all the evidence points to Harry's half-brother, Thomas, as the murderer. Determined to clear his sibling's name, Harry uncovers a conspiracy within the White Council of Wizards that threatens not only him, but his nearest and dearest, too...

We are back in Chicago with Harry picking up where he left off in the last one. Okay FINALLY we get a WHOLE book on Harry’s Half Brother Thomas whom I heart but not nearly as much as Harry himself!!! Not to mention the action was kicked up a notch. People from Harry’s past showed up to play and Lash became a main character! Well she sort of has been but she grew into a character I adored in this book.

Things I enjoyed:
-Uh duh Harry! He’s the best wizard EVER!!! *clears throat* Okay let’s be more specific. He is loyal, trusting, honest and well just wants the good guys to win even if that means getting his butt kicked. (Still sticking with this statement from the last 5 reviews)
-Okay like I said before we got to see more of Thomas and his interaction with Harry. Learning about him and what he’s been up to while hiding his secret (which was an excellent twist never saw that coming) was wonderful. Favorite scene was when the cops showed up at Thomas’ apartment and Harry acted like his gay lover LOL. OMG was ROTFLMAO seriously.
-I think this book had more humor in it that really offset the darker side of the story. Again this one is my favorite of the series because of Thomas.

Things I didn’t care for:
- There wasn’t much that I didn’t enjoy in this book. This one has been my favorite of the serious hands down

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Passing on it only b/c it was a library book and sadly enough I haven’t kept any of the series.

SCORE: 9 out of 10

Anything Else: You need to read the series to understand the complex nature of this book. Too many of the sub plots are taken from other stories in the series.

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45 / 100 books. 45% done!


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