Friday, June 12, 2009

So I just started this one and it is A LOT different but not. This time it looks as if the story will take place in the Greek times/background which makes it hard for me to figure out what fairy tale they are going to give. Other than the hint that it has to do with Sir George the dragon slayer... I have to admit this one didn't snag me right off the bat like the other one did.

Has anyone read this?


  1. Amy said...
    I think I have one or two books on my TBR by Mercedes Lackey, but I've been hesitant since I'm not a huge fan of fantasy.
    Sarai said...
    This series is the only one I've read by her and so far its been pretty good. But it is fantasy with a hint of romance I think... Or atleast that is what Fairy Godmother was.

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