Friday, June 12, 2009

Broken Wing finished

Review to follow I am thinking about shutting down my reading challenges website and start posting my reviews here there is no good reason to have this site and a reading site. But we shall see.

Okay on to the simi/small review. Broken Wings was excellent I will post a formal review later but for now I have to say hands down the best romance I've read between 2 characters in a long time. I really enjoyed watching them come to care for each other. They truly needed each other and I liked watching it turn into love. LOVED Gabe very good hero with a horrible past. And yet he managed to come out of it with the love of his woman. Very sweet.

Had parts that I had to wipe away tears from, parts that I smiled and parts that I wished it was me that rescued Gabe. The only parts I didn't care for had to do with when he was captured. I understand why it was written but I was so into the romance I ended up skipping most of them. Maybe next go I will read them in full.

If you have read this book what did you think of it?


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