Friday, May 8, 2009

I just don't get why I am hooked on this series... Oh wait yes I do MAN I LOVE HARRY. And so not in the way oh: I want him, I need him, oh baby oh baby. But more in the way of OMG he so rocks!
This one started off with a bang and fizzled until recently. Part of my problem with the plot is the whole Charmed show. It reminds me too much of the one where Phobe's movie dream man comes to life b/c the killers are coming out of the screen and the Charmed ones have to protect everyone.
However, Jim does it better than the show but still I can't help waiting for Billy. Anywho... other than that interesting information was decided on Murphy finally which helped wrap up that idea. I was starting to wonder if we would ever discover what those two might do with each other *grin* and now I know.

I am going to wrap this one up this weekend the action is finally starting to kick in again and I want to know if Molly and her mother make up or if Michael survives. I'm sure he will but you know what they say about cats.
I think I only have 2 more after this one to catch up with the series *Gasp* I know me caught up with a series image that LOL


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