Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TITLE: Sea Swept
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts
TYPE: Romance
PAGES; unsure
SERIES: 1st in the series
1. Sea Swept

REASON FOR READING: Well I’ve never read a Nora book before and this one came HIGHLY suggested so I figured why not

Summary : {From Goodreads}
Sea Swept tells the tale of three brothers--all former juvenile delinquents adopted by Raymond Quinn and his wife, Stella. Cameron, Ethan, and Philip are as different as can be, but they are bound by their love and respect for their adoptive father, who has recently passed away. On his deathbed he asks his sons to look after their most recent brother, 10-year-old Seth, who--if the rumors are to believed--just may be Ray's biological son. Of course, the brothers don't know anything about caring for the young boy, and if social worker Anna Spinelli has anything to say about it, they won't. However, the sparks that fly over the fate of Seth are nothing compared to the romantic sparks that fly between Anna and Cameron

For my first Nora book it was pretty good. I enjoyed the setting St. Christopher Bay. The brothers were different all from a horrible background and taken in by wonderful people who gave them a chance to better their lives. The only hiccup was the fact they were all BEAUTIFUL, GIFTED, RICH, Ect… and so forth including the women listed. That got old but I cancelled that out based on their horrible childhoods and made it work. The brothers are living their lives when it falls apart. The man they call Dad just died and left behind a kid just like them. Only this time Seth is left with scandal. The town believes that he is Ray’s son which of course the brother’s don’t believe. This book focuses on the eldest Cam who races boats for a living and his “heroine” Anna who happens to be Seth’s Social Worker.

Things I enjoyed:
-Anna she was very strong, she knew what she wanted and wouldn’t stop at anything to get it. Plus when Cam was being an ass she decided that yes it would hurt but she didn’t need him to survive. She is a heroine after my own heart and I really enjoyed her whipping Cam into shape.
-The plot was pretty good and watching Seth and the brothers come to terms with their life being flipped around was very sweet. I also liked that Seth and Cam liked each other but at the same time didn’t know how to take each other. It wasn’t like the brothers became a family all at once.
-Seeing how the brothers interact with each other was fantastic. Their fights and arguments were very believable.

Things I didn’t care for:
- Like I stated above the brothers were almost too perfect. They were all handsome, rich, well to do, had a great job, ect. It was a little too much
- I didn’t care for “Ray” making a ghost like appearance I thought that was a little silly. I guess it worked but something about it was off for me.

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Passing on it. While it was cute it just wasn’t a re-read for me.

SCORE: 6 out of 10

Anything Else: I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fluffy and quick romance read.
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