Friday, May 8, 2009

I don't know about this book. There is something that is keeping me reading and yet something is holding it back from being one of thos OMG this is the best books ever. I can't tell what either reasons are.
I am about 1/2 of the way through. The first part was rather slow for me it took a while to get around to the main point. Now don't get me wrong it starts off right off the bat with Lady Julia Grey's death but now we have gone a year (summed up) without anything and then BOOM she finds a letter that threatened her husband.
She ignored the PI that tried to tell her it might have been murder the year before but now she wants to find the killer after a year... I'm just not buying it I guess or maybe it's the character Lady Julia herself. She is a "I want to be normal, I long for it, but..." kind of gal and I understand a lot of it but something about her isn't sticking with me. Its not rubbing me raw but its just not making me want to learn more about her. I will say the only character I am even remotely interested in is the PI and only b/c I want to know why his "Headaches" are so bad and what they, Julia and him, would be like together.
I think so far the only question that has me hanging on is: Will they hook up? Will there be more action? Will she ever discover who she is? And is there really a murder plot here at all or are we just chasing straws...


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