Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay just started In The Blood by Adrian Phoenix finally. Its been sitting in the library pile forever. And everyone warned me to read it as close to the first one as I could but since I Have this thing where I can't binge on an author or I burn out. I had to wait a few weeks.

Anywho starts off with a bang guys dead but have no idea who he is or if he was even in the first one. It doesn't sound like it but one can never be sure and since I don't own the first one I can't really go and check. Seeing how I'm only on page 6 and we have a death I would say that is a BANG effect no?

I'm still trying to think about the first one and if I remember enough to read this one but I guess we will see. I hate doing reviews where I give stuff away in the book but thinking that might be a better idea then what I'm doing b/c I can't remember half the things that happen LOL. Oh well as I read further I will give reports

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