Friday, April 3, 2009

TITLE: A Rush of Wings
AUTHOR: Adrian Phoenix
TYPE: Urban Fantasy
PAGES; 416
SERIES: First in the series

REASON FOR READING: Anna and others have talked about this book and with the 2nd one out I thought it might be time to see what it is all about

Summary : {From Goodreads}
Dark. Talented. Beautiful. Star of the rock band Inferno. Rumored owner of the hot New Orleans nightspot Club Hell. Born of the Blood, then broken by an evil beyond imagination.

F.B.I. Special Agent Heather Wallace has been tracking a sadistic serial murderer known as the Cross Country Killer, and the trail has led her to New Orleans, Club Hell, and Dante. But the dangerously attractive musician not only resists her investigation, he claims to be "nightkind": in other words, a vampire. Digging into his past for answers reveals little. A juvenile record a mile long. No social security number. No known birth date. In and out of foster homes for most of his life before being taken in by a man named Lucien DeNoir, who appears to guard mysteries of his own.

What Heather does know about Dante is that something links him to the killer -- and she's pretty sure that link makes him the CCK's next target. Heather must unravel the truth about this sensual, complicated, vulnerable young man -- who, she begins to believe, may indeed be a vampire -- in order to finally bring a killer to justice. But Dante's past holds a shocking, dangerous secret, and once it is revealed not even Heather will be able to protect him from his destiny....

Alright this book starts off with a bang. We have FBI Agent Heather Wallace looking at yet another body this time in New Orleans and she is more than certain it’s the same killer she has been tracking for the last 3 years. The CCK (Cross County Killer). She is also confident that it has something to do with Club Hell. After all the body was found out in the back yard with a new symbol and a new message. So off Heather goes to investigate. But you see Club Hell brings up old memories for Heather. Her sister used to sing in places like this, use to dress like these people and ended up killing herself. Not to mention on top of bad memories, chasing a killer and a club that caters to the undead (which she doesn’t believe in) she finds Dante very intriguing.

Things I enjoyed:
-I enjoyed learning about Dante’s past. It was hard to swallow at times and it was not pretty but learning about what made him who he was fascinated me through out the whole book. I really wanted to get to know Dante better.
-Heather herself was very interesting. She wasn’t the typical I’m so tough I don’t need anyone to help me. I’m so bad ass until I get into a fight. She was very focused on her job. Was good at what she does and knew her limitations and that’s the kind of heroine I grow to respect and want the best for them.
-The plot twist was anything Grand but I enjoyed watching it unfold. The author had a way of writing that sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go. Every time I knew something was coming, it did, but in a way I hadn’t expected.

Things I didn’t care for:
-This is rare but there wasn’t a lot I didn’t care for. I thought the plot was tight enough that if you would’ve cut anything out you would’ve missed a lot. I thought most if not all the characters were needed to keep things moving. The only one I had reservations about and could’ve done without was Wallace’s boss. He really didn’t play that major of a roll other than getting Dante’s past to Heather.

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Sadly enough this was a library book. But I think it might just get added on to the TBB pile.

SCORE: 8 out of 10

Anything Else: I haven’t read anything else by this author but plan to pick the 2nd one up in this series ASAP

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