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TITLE: Rapture in Death
TYPE: Urban Fantasy
PAGES; 320
SERIES: 4th in the series
1. Naked In Death
2. Glory in Death
3. Immortal in Death
4. Rapture in Death

REASON FOR READING: Well I read the others in the series and thought I should continue

Summary : {From Goodreads}
Mind games
At the flick of a switch, Eve's face flashed onto a monitor, all pertinent data split-screened beside her. A fascinating woman. Birthplace and parents unknown. The abused child discovered hiding in an alley in Dallas, Texas, body battered, mind blanked. A woman who couldn't remember the early years of her own life. The years that formed the soul. Years when she had been beaten and raped and tormented.
What did that sort of life do to the mind? To the heart? To the person?
It had made the girl a social worker and had made Eve Dallas into a woman who had become a cop. The cop with the reputation for digging deep, and who had come into some notoriety the previous winter during the investigation of a sensitive and ugly case.
That was when she had met Roarke.
The computer hummed, sliced Roarke's fave onto the screen. Such an intriguing couple. His background was no prettier than the cop's had been. But he'd chosen, at least initially, the other side of the law to make his mark. And his fortune.
Now they were a set. A set that could be destroyed on a whim.
But not yet. not for little time yet.
After all, the game had just begun.

This time we are at Roarke and Eve’s honeymoon they have had LOTS of sex but yet Eve continues to play VR with criminals. Only to discover on their last night at the fancy resort off world that a member of Roarke’s hotel staff has killed himself. The weird part he died with a smile on his face. Eve can’t let it go and once they return the case still bugs her especially when she starts to see it happening to others. As a mystery it was pretty flat. I figured out the killer within the first half of the book. The interesting parts were the relationships.

Things I enjoyed:
-I did like watching Peabody coming into her own. I enjoyed her growing as a professional and learning more about her past in her personal life
-It was nice to see a book that showed the ups and downs of relationships even thought they were humping like rabbits they still had some quarrels that I thought was a nice touch to show us. That even though it looks perfect they will both still have to compromise.

Things I didn’t care for:
-I didn’t care for the mystery. As I stated above it was pretty predictable as far as who the killer was.
-It took a lot to get me to read this book all the way through. I have no idea why but it did and I am not sure I will continue. While I love the characters I am getting tired of the series already.

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Passing on it

SCORE: 5 out of 10

Anything Else: It isn’t necessary to read the series in order. Ms. Robb does a job at catching you up with a flashback sort of thing but it would help to understand their relationship.

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