Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I need it. Boy do I need it. So I will be taking a 2 month absence from blogging at least until I get moved into the new digs. Between blogging, reviewing, working on DIK things, work, writing and moving I'm burned out. That means something has to give. The easiest thing to give is blogging. So I won't be posting until June again. I will continue to post over at Reading Romance on Mondays and I will try hard to visit everyone.

There will be no more book reviews until June and no more thoughts on reading until June so if you like those sites and this one check back with me then. I may not comment but I will be popping in and checking the blogs between now and then just to keep up with you all!

Any books I read I will try to keep a list and post reviews later! Hope you guys have a fantastic April and May! Peace!!!!

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