Monday, April 6, 2009


Okay guys yours truly needs some help...

Nothing major just some help with my reading. You may or maynot have noticed that I've been posting my reviews by author on the Author Reviews page I have over at the other sight (got the idea from Ames, which I am so happy I found makes things easier to keep up with)

Anywho in the process of doing my reviews this way I discovered that I have letters (I sort by author's last name) missing.If you know of any authors that I should try that have the last names starting with: E, N, O, Q, U, V, X or Z please let me know so that I can try to complete my list.

Also while I'm at it I want to try and read a Nora Roberts book (Shocking I know) I've never read her and I'm dying to see what her writing is like. Can anyone suggest a good book to start with when it comes to Nora? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Alright back to reading since that's what this blog is all about. Finished up a Rush of Wings really liked it looking at checking out the second book in the series. I am trying to finish up at least one challenge this month the ebook challenge. I just need one more than I've reached my goal so YEAH!

I'm still working on 3 books currently: Blood Rites by Jim Butcher (almost done and have ordered book 7 and 8 from the library) Rapture in Death by JD Robb (again almost done just need to wrap it up) And Blood Angel by Justine Musk (which I'm half way through and seriously plan to wrap it up by the weekend.) So next week its going to look like I've read a lot but not really LOL. Now I have to find a book for TBR Wednesday next week. Has to be an Urban fantasy (yeah that'll be hard right.)

Anywho that's about it with me. Anyone have any suggestions for my authors problem let me know. Thanks!


  1. JenB said...
    I'm not a serious Nora fan (I find her books consistently average), but I did enjoy the Chesapeake Bay books. The first one is Sea Swept.

    I also thought Tribute was decent. The last 1/3 turned into a Danielle Steel glitz-and-glamour whodunit, but the first 2/3 was very good.
    Renee said...
    Wow. Totally timely question. A couple of weeks ago I confessed to Bridget that laNora is the one author everyone loves that I've always been "meh" about. She challenged me to read Sea Swept! I bought it earlier today, and am going to give it a try.

    I'd suggest
    Carrie Vaughn
    Julia Quinn
    And, I just read Night's Rose by Annaliese Evans which was excellent.
    Sarah said...
    I have read a few Nora books. I prefer her one off books as opposed to her series books as the quality can be inconsistent. For me, I've enjoyed The Reef, Carolina Moon and Northern Lights. And while several friends have enjoyed her JD Robb stuff, they've not really rated for me.

    Cool to see you reading Jim Butcher, I've throughly enjoyed his books. Need to read the latest one though. :)
    Sarai said...
    Thanks ladies! I'll have to give them a try. And serious Julia Quinn? why didn't I think of that Renee?
    Sarai said...
    Sarah: I love the Butcher series. I am only on book 7 just wrapped up book 6 last night, didn't care for it as much as book 5 but not really sure why.
    I actually stopped buying them b/c they were hit or miss with me.

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