Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well I finished

The Lady Elizabeth and will post my review sometime this week. I'm sad to say I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I thought I would. And when you add in that I spent all that time reading it talk about a major disappointment. *sigh*

The worse part it doesn't even count towards my challenges for the year. So I have decided to move on, what's that phrase. Upward and onward or something like that.

Now I am working on Dead Sexy as you can see to the left a
Shades of Dark as you can see up and right! So far so good on Shades of Dark but I had no doubt of that!!! I am reading that one at work b/c its a little easier to expain at work while the half naked man cover on the left is a lot harder LOL!
So what are you guys working on now?


  1. Tracy said...
    I like Kimberly Raye's vamp series but I've never read any of her Blazes. Maybe I should look into those.
    Sarai said...
    Well your one up on me. This will be the first of hers I've read. Im hoping its a quick easy read

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