Friday, January 9, 2009

Shades of Dark

MUCH BETTER THAN I THOUGHT. I had a hard time at the beginning with the author repeating me information I should have gotten from the first book Gabriel's Ghost. Which I already knew so that was annoying but once we got past that it flowed so well I even managed to ignore it when it happened further along in the book.

The plot is complicated but moving smoothly. However I have only 100 more pages and I'm wondering if she is going to be able to wrap it all up smoothly or not. There are numerous subplots that are starting to tie together but the end is iffy for me... We shall see if she can make it work (I have no doubt that she won't but sometimes you never know)

Still need to start Dead Sexy simply b/c that book review is due 1/21 I have no doubt it will be a quick read due to shear size but we shall see. Other than that I haven't been reading anything else.

This book will count towards the Ebook challenge and the 100+book challenge


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