Wednesday, July 1, 2009


OMG I am finally doing a re-read Lord talk about taking a couple of months off from the reading. Let's see King of the Unblessed is my re-read by Michelle Pillow. So far it is good I didn't remember parts of it but now that I am reading they make sense.

You know what I mean like one moment you remember the end but you don't understand how you got there? Or you remember the killer but not the clues on how to catch him.

Anywho that's where I'm at. Like I know who killed the fiance but now I am actually seeing the clues I missed first time around. Merrick is still sexy and I am seeing how much he cares for his lady by the simple gestures he does for her early on. It is so sweet!

Okay again only just started my re-read but still a nice one.


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